I have been using Linux for a good year-ish now. I have not totally converted. Yet. My other operating system is Windows XP.

Why have I decided to move over to the “Free World?”

Well, for one everything on Linux is free.
I needed an upgrade to my OS because XP was not cutting it for me any more.
Vista was not an option, for several reasons, one being my Laptop had no hope under our sunny skies to even run Microsoft’s newest bloatware.

Right now I am writing this using Linux Mint with Enlightenment as my Desktop Environment.

Overall I am well impressed with Linux and the free software available for it. Other than the freeware you get for Windows, these are actually useful and stable.

Next up I will do a complete install comparison between Windows XP, Linux Mint and PCLinuxOS running on this laptop.

And after that a run through of OpenOffice and after that…

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