I see that a lot of people are Googling the term “who is googling me”

To clarify how I found out that I was being googled, I will do a short explanation of how to do it.First off, set up a blog, like this one, and enter your name and surname. Make sure the blog is listed with Google, or whatever search engine you want to query.

Then register an account with a stat tracking tool like Google Analytics, or StatCounter.

Statcounter works best for me, to visit their site click here.

Copy the code into your web page or blog. Their tutorials are top notch.

Now wait, when you receive hits, you can go into “Recent Page Load Activity” on Statcounter and you will be able to see from where the people came.

Click on the green link, and you will be able – in Google’s case at least – to view the page, search term in tact, that the visitor used to get to your page.

If you want to take things a step further, you can use the IP address and ISP info that Statcounter collects to trace that person – useful if you believe someone is trying to get hold of your personal information and you want to report them.

So there, a quick post – hope this lets all you tinfoil hatters sleep a bit easier!

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