I happened on a book “Hacking Windows XP” the other day. Browsing through it I found useful tips on customizing XP, from boot splash, to Login Screen, to how it behaves and so on.

I thought it quite a cool idea to present a series of how-to’s over the next few weeks on customising various aspects of Ubuntu.

Since this is the first in the series I will start of with a quicky, customising the Gnome Splash.

Now this is for versions of Ubuntu pre Gutsy. Gutsy and Hardy don’t have the Gnome splash screen, so in essence you cannot pimp it dawg.

It is actually laughingly easy – first off create yourself a nice splash screen. Size doesn’t seem to be an issue, and save it as splash.png. (I have used different filenames, but remember saving it as a .png file)

Then you can either click on Applications > System Tools > Configuration Editor, or use System > Preferences > Splash Screen. Either will get you to a graphic utility where you can change the splash screen to your new one.

The harder one to use is Gnome Config, so I will explain this method in more detail.

In Gnome Config, click on Apps, then on Gnome Session and then on Options. In the right-hand panel you will see the bottom most value read “splash_image”, right click this, and select “Edit Key”.

A new dialoge box will pop up, and there one of the options reads Value: with the path to the current splash screen. Type the path to your new splash screen there et voila!

You have been pimped.

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