So I did part one on customizing Gnome-Splash. I remarked that if you run Gutsy or Hardy, you no have Gnome-Splash. Well I found a way for you to get your Splash on even in the newest version of Ubuntu.

It is really easy.

Click on Applications>System Tools>Configuration Editor. (If you don’t find Application Editor in one of your menus, you might need to enable it by going to System>Preferences>Main Menu and selecting the tick box next to it under Applications>System Tools.

Once the program is loaded click on Apps>Gnome Session>Options.

In the right-hand pane there will be a line that reads:Show Splash Screen, and there will be an unticked box at the end of that line under the columb Value.

Tick it and Voila! Splash Goodieness in Hardy Heron!

To customist just follow the steps I walked through here.

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