Hardy Heron comes equipped with Compiz Fusion. If you read my review of Hardy Heron, you will know that Compiz Fusion is somewhat hamstrung by the absence of Compiz-config Manager.

Here’s how to get it, and unleash Compiz Fusion in all its fury on your desktop.

This will be a short Pimp My Ubuntu since as with most things Ubuntu related it is actually laughably easy to do. Right, here goes:

Step 1: Launch Synaptic Package Manager. (System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager)
Step 2: Click “Search” and type in “Compiz”
Step 3: Select “Compiz-config Manager” from the search results and select “Install”
Step 4: Click “Apply” and the Application will be downloaded and installed to your computer.
Step 5: After installation you can launch Compiz-config Manager from the System>Preferences menu.

There, you are done! Now not only are wobbly windows and transparencies yours to own, you can now play with a desktop cube, raindrops and fire.

The desktop is now truly your oyster.

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