Now this is one of the coolest desktop gadgets I have been introduced to. One of my colleagues showed me this, and helped me install it. It is a cool little program that utilises bluetooth technology to secure your laptop when you are away from your desk. Boss call you into his office for a quick chat? No problem – your work is safe while you pop into his office – and when you get back you automatically log in and continue working.

I am talking about BlueProximity – a utility that uses your Cellphone’s bluetooth and a few calculations based on signal strength to manage when your desktop gets locked.

Installing Blueproximit is easy. Click on “Applications” and then on “Add/Remove.” Once the Add/Remove Applications window has loaded you click on the drop-down list next to “Show”, select “All Available Applications” and in the search box type “BlueProximity.”

Click on the tick box next to the application and then on “Apply Changes” next to “Cancel” on the bottom-right of the window. BlueProximity will now be downloaded and installed.

Once installed you will find it in “Applications”, “Accessories.” Launch it and you will be presente with a “BlueProximity” program window. Make sure your cellphone is turned on and paired with your laptop. Click on “Scan for Devices”, once it has detected your phone you should select it in the window and click on “Use Selected Device.” Then you should click on “Scan channels on device.”


This takes some time, and it might seem as if the program has died. Be patient. Once it has scanned the channels on your phone look for one that says “Useable” or “Accessable” and select it in the “RFCOMM Channel” area.

Now, the art of Bluetooth Proximity Detection is far from perfected, so click on the “Proximity Details” tab and play with the various slider until you find a solution that works best for you. With my Nokia 9300 I have found that in my pocket with my laptop on my lap it intermittently locks the screen if I set the threshold for locking too low.

An added bonus is that your cellphone will “Beep” (If your phone beeps whenever a bluetooth connection is enabled) as soon as you are in range of your laptop. Lost your phone? Find it with your laptop!

BlueProximity – a cool security toy, and installed with ease too!

(Props to Juggernaught for introducing me to this app, and for guiding me through a few setup niggles)

Note; You might need to install Gnome Bluetooth Manager – just follow the steps for installing BlueProximity and substitute Gnome Bluetooth. In my case and with Juggernaught’s laptop the default Ubuntu Bluetooth software did not work well together. Keep that in mind if you are experiencing a few niggles. Usually if you hover with your mouse cursor over the BlueProximity icon in the taskbar when it is running a message will pop up detailing any possible errors.


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