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A reader pointed me in the direction of Microsoft Security Essentials as an alternative to Bitdefender. Unfortunately it is not available in my country. So for now BD it is.

I am looking forward to today, I have just finished breakfast and am getting ready to go to work. Now that I have sorted out most of my needs for today, with the exception of finding a closed-source alternative to Putty, I am wondering how my day will go using the tools I have chosen to make a living.

Off to work…

Starting my morning

Flashplayer is not available for the 64bit version of IE. Oh the irony. The downside is that it KEEPS TRYING TO INSTALL!!! Yes. Every time I access a webpage with flash content a dialog box pops up, locks out everything on the screen asking me if I want to allow flash to install. Sometimes it happens four or five times in a row…


Okay, so I started using Axessh to do my morning tasks on the Linux servers I am responsible for… and it is just sitting there… why is it just sitting there? I swear I logged in… it promtly failed before I used the correct settings… but now it is just sitting there… is it logged in? No? I am really unsure what to make of this…

Oh and now it just exits… without explanation. Wow…

Okay so two guys running Linux gleefully logged in without problems… is it maybe the program? I mean I have only 30minutes of trial version available to me… maybe I should buy the full version?

Uhmm no.


I am back in Windows. I cracked. I needed to do some stuff on some servers and AxeSSH told me it did not understand the SSH protocol and Putty had issues with importing my keygen file. I booted into Linux and it did my morning checks.

One thing that is noticeable is that Windows takes longer and longer to boot. MSN Messenger pops up and asks me to log in every.friggin.time and then I have to close it AND close it in the taskbar every.friggin.time and then Bitdefender has a popup windows and then Adscleaner has TWO popup windows and every popup with the exception ot Bitdefender steals focus.

But I will forge onward…

(Internet Explorer has stopped working. This one does not seem bitdefender related…)


IE crashed 5 times in a row after that comment, every time I closed a tab or when I tried to close IE… it is going a bit hecktic now so I am going to check the error logs in a bit…

I swear, if I try and switch to another virtualdesktop and my screen rotates 90degrees to the right again I am going to scream. This is not a fault of the OS though, it’s just me being used to working in a certain manner and not being able to do so now…

Windows seems to be behaving itself though… ooh updates!


I am busy installing a bunch of software needed to do my job, I need more than just office. Things like Radmin and Dreamweaver make part of my needs parcel (dreamweaver is a new addition as of this week) and I must say it is refreshing to approach the new software with a measure of confidence – it was written for windows after all.

I mean I currently run Radmin Viewer flawlessly with Crossover for Linux, but still it is with a certain amount of trepidation that I approach any necessary Windows Apps that I absolutely need to do my dayjob.


One thing I take away from this day is that there is now an extra layer between me and my computer. You may not look at it like this, but hear me out.

Take the new windows taskbar as a for-instance.

It now shows previews of the open windows when you hover over the icon on the taskbar. When you have multiple IE tabs open you have multiple previews of each tab. Now let me sketch a scenario that I came across severral times today.

I have maybe IE (three tabs) and Outlook and another program open. I move my cursor to the outlook placeholder because I want to check my mail. The preview pops up and I can also click on the placeholder.

Now I want to go back to IE, and I move my mouse to the placeholder. The preview pops up showing three tabs. I click the placeholder and nothing happens. I have to move my mouse to the preview of the window I want and click on that.

See the extra click?

Now about those previews. They are really nice. Better than what is currently on offer with compiz looks wise, and I like that they show a preview for every tab. If you hover long enough over a preview it will show that window or tab that is represented by the preview. That is good. Move your mouse to the now open window and it disappears, going back to the window you wanted to move away from. That is not so good. The most intuitive way of handling this would be if you hovered your mouse over a preview long enough for that preview to raise the relevant window to the front that you can simply move your mouse onto the window and continue without needing to click.

Just a few small touches that could be improved here and there.

Summary for day 5

Right, I am going to go and play with the kids now… right after reading some slashdot…

Windows behaved itself today. I had very few issues with the OS. IE remains a bit of a pain. The crashes are getting worse, the bulk of them are still being caused by Bitdefender (about half) and the rest by other reasons. I cannot rule out something going wrong with Bitdefender in the background being the main culprit though.

One thing that bothers me is that I have begun to get serious headaches while working on this computer. I checked and my screen resolution is at the optimal setting, so no minute fuzzyness that could be causing this. I do find though that my screen is very dark when using Win7.

That brings me to another point – my only gripe with Linux on my laptop is that not all of my Fn keys work. Specifically the brightness keys not working are a bit of an issue. The same is true for Windows 7. I have installed the Vista drivers (the x64 ones) that came with my laptop and the Fn keys still refuse to work. Strangely thought they seem to work while Windows is booting and stop working round about the time when the login screen is prepared. My screen also darkens noticeably then.

I am sure that could be one of the reasons I have a bit of a headache since I need to squint at my desktop while working.

Another item of hardware that does not work is my trackpad (onboard mousepad for some out there.) The specific function is scrolling. It no workee. I am sure that these issues will be resolved with driver updates in time, but as we can see with HP that might not be the case. Older hardware is not high on their list of bringing out new drivers for new versions of Windows…

Well good night then… maybe a quick update before bed…

I fell asleep while watching a movie on the laptop with the kids so no update. Read on for DAY 6

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