Snaptu HomepageSnaptu. Weird name, Great App. That is my first knee-jerk reaction to Snaptu. The marketing tagline is “A World of Free Apps, On Any Phone.” Does it deliver?

I have tried to avoid ding a writeup on a cellphone app for a long time. They are great little programs but often you can not say a lot about them. On to the review!

What is Snaptu?

Snaptu is a nifty little program that you can install on most Java capable cellphones. When launched it opens a touch friendly icon set that includes (but is not limited to) Facebook, Twitter, and a myriad of other social networking services.

You can add from a selection of supported applications, or web shortcuts to broaden the list of social networks or RSS feeds that you can interact with.

You can download SnapTu on your Cell by going to

Does it work?

Yes. If your phone doesn’t have an app that can be used to interact with Twitter for instance, like my Samsung phone, you can install Snaptu and have an app that interfaces with your Twitter account. Besides Twitter and Facebook, Snaptu also sports apps for Engadget, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, TechCrunch, Gawker, The Sports Campus, Weather Forecasts, London Tube, Reuters News reader and others. It has built in web shortcuts for a myriad of services including LinkedIn and Wikipedia among others and then has a built in RSS reader and partner apps that you can use with Facebook Chat (although it refuses to connect to my Facebook account for some reason) and other services.

Summary and Rating

If this post is light on the eyecandy, sorry – I will find a way of posting images of Cellphone apps, you cannot take a screenshot from a cellphone, so another solution has to be found.

This is an admittedly short writeup. Cellphone apps are like that, they offer a lot but you cannot say a lot about them. I like Snaptu – it installed and worked, which is what a Cellphone app should do. Do not get the one from getjar though, it refused to work, rather download the one from the Snaptu website and go for the Thawte and Verisign signed one, like I did.

Q Rating? 3/5, great ap with room for improvement.

Snaptu Scores 3/5

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