Nomcat say NOMI sat on this one for almost two months. Should add a “Geek Food” section to the blog, maybe a “Sandwich of the Month?” Eventually I decided against adding a fullblown section to SaGeek, for now. I love me some good eating though, and this sandwich is one you just have to try, so without further ado – one of my favourate sandwiches…


You will need:

  • Bread, white or brown or rye, your choice. I went with white.
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Butter
  • Sandwich Ham
  • Tomato
  • Mayonnaise
  • Chutney
  • And finally, the twist: Biltong


Biltong will be familiar to my South African readers, to the other 48% of you who do not hail from my valley, it is dried meat, similar to Beef Jerkey produced in the US, but more spicey. For a full introduction read the Wikipedia Entry.

Sandwich Ingredients

The Ingredients, Biltong is top left.

Step 1

Butter the bread, and spread mayonnaise and chutney on opposing sides to taste. I don’t like the taste of the food to be overpowered, so I spread my chutney and mayo thin.

Add your Ham ( I put on two slices) and Tomato. Since tomato skin tend to not be bitten through cleanly I slice it thin and into small pieces. I hate taking a bite and then dragging half the sandwich out onto my lap.

Ham and Tomato FTW

Note how thin I spread the mayo

Step 2

Slice the Biltong. I aim for a 3mm cut, you can experiment and go thicker or thinner to taste. The Biltong I used was still wet, so I went for a thicker cut. The dryer the meat the thinner I cut it, to make it easier to bite.

Slicing The Biltong

Slicing The Biltong

Step 4

Add the Biltong to the sammich. I like a good covering thankyou very much. I like the fat, you can trim it if you want.

Adding the Biltong

Evenly spaced yummies.

Step 5

Add your cheese. I go for Cheddar or Gouda. If you are adventurous you could try blue cheese, apparently Biltong goes very nice with some of the more exotic cheeses. Me? I am a simple guy,Cheddar or Gouda is adventurous enough thanks.

Cheese On Top

Grated Cheddar Cheese.

Step 6

Eat. If you want you can pop it in the Microwave to melt the cheese, but I don’t. For one, the tomato goes soggy and looses some of its freshness, and secondly the butter melting and making the bread all soggy is not appetizing to me.

Finished Product

Finished Sammich, Ready to nom.


There you have it, not a technical post, or even tech related. Not by a long shot. But a geek has to eat right? I was thinking of doing one of these every month, similar to doing one interview per month. You, in this case, get to have the final say. Yay? Nyet?

If you do have a recipe suggestion for me to try, lemme know. If you want more geek food next month that is…

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