PLANNE!Hey Everyone. I am painfully aware that I missed a day of posting. The reason for this is that I have been working very hard on some ideas for the future of SaGeek, and I thought I’d share them with you folks.


Well it might not be good practice to let your readers in on your inner secrets and thoughts about the blog they read, but I believe you guys, and the people like the guys from SnapBill have really given SaGeek a real new lease of life. You guys deserve to be in the loop.

What have I got planned:


Currently the URL structure for SaGeek is very fragmented. I have a few domains that point to the same site. I plan to use the currently most used as a URL shortener, and then to 301 redirect everyting to The site has begun to gain it’s own identity as the SaGeek blog, and I would like that to grow.


SaGeek will be featuring a monthly online publication available as an e-zine. For now it is very light on content, but I hope it will grow to become a proper monthly magazine. I am playing with the idea of making the content available in the magazine different from that which is available on the blog, i.e you will not get a duplication of content. The trick will be to let the unique content that is available in the magazine be relevant to what happened on the blog over the month, and let the two complement each other.


Here the planned magazine will tie in nicely. I personally find ads on  a website rather intrusive. I do have sympathy with site owners trying to make some sort of revenue from their work. I want to keep ads on the actual website to a minimum, and I strongly believe that the magazine will be a great marketing channel for advertisers. That said, I will also strive to keep the signal/noise ratio high in the magazine, i.e. a lot of content for minimal advertising. Right now the ratio might not be optimal, but I will strive to perfect that within a release or two.


Here is my big dream for this year. A coffee table book ready to launch for the December season. I have a few challenges in that area – one of which is the distribution channel. There are a lot of very good print-on-demand services available online, but I have yet to find one that distributes in South Africa. My readership is split about 50/50 South Africa/Rest of the World, and I would hate to exclude my ZA readers from having access to the “real” book.

So There you have it

Big dreams indeed. Lots of plans, and lots of work ahead. I really hope the magazine takes off, and I dream of finding a Print On Demand service that does magazines AND ships to South Africa. The book I have a few months to work on, and plan to have it ready for the 3year anniversary of my blog, which will be December 2010.


As always your feedback is very valuable. Let me know what you think, and if you have suggestions I would be very eager to hear it.

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