Friday I posted a short piece on the future of SaGeek. Today one of those goals will be coming to fruition. The new SaGeek e-zine will be available for download from 16:00 London Time Monday 31 May. It will be the June edition, and the first of a provisional run of 6 Months.

Once the 6 Month run is done, I will re evaluate to see if it is worth continuing. I strongly believe it will be. There is already some interest in the mag, and already some advertisers have come aboard.

I hope that the fruit of my hard labor these past few days provide you guys with some enjoyment. I promise the July issue will benefit from the lessons learned in making this issue, and will feature even more content.

Can’t wait till tomorrow? Well here is a sneak preview for you, the cover page plus the index page – fresh out of scribus, download link below!

Like I said, full release 16:00 Greenwitch – I really hope you enjoy reading it.

SaGeek Mag June 2010 Preview (PDF)

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