Download the SaGeek Mag!The SaGeek Mag is available! Yes I said 16:00 London time, but I finished everything ahead of schedule by a few hours. What can you look forward to?

In The Mag

Opinion – Apple vs Adobe, who is the real loser?

OS Review – Linux Mint 9, it is here, and it is good.

Book Review – Software Project Management – Fourth Edition

The Month in Geek Land – I recap some of the interesting news stories for the past month related to IT, and also preview one or two that are coming in the sidebar.

There is a lot more inside, a how-to, more geek food, some stats for the blog and even a game review.

Early Days

When you read, bear in mind this is the first release. I am proud of what was done in such a short time, but if you have some suggestions or comments I am more than open to them!


Not sure you want it? Download the two page preview here:

SaGeek Mag June 2010 Preview (PDF)

If you are ready for the full 12 pager, or just eager to get it, download it here:

The SaGeek MAG June 2010 (PDF) 3.5MB

If you have issues with downloading (some people have the mag open in their browser window instead of downloading) you can right-click and download, or download the .zip archive at the link below. Interesting that there is almost no gain in compression…

SaGeek Mag June 2010 (ZIP)

Want to contribute?

If you are eager to contribute, contact me at the address in the mag. I am eager to give exposure to companies and individuals who can add value to IT.

Want to advertise?

I have devised a cunning little advertising scheme that affords you the chance to advertise for free. Details and contact information in the magazine!


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