Finally it is here!

It is a day late (hey the first one was a day early so we are even, right?) and some stuff had to me left out due to space and time constraints.

If you are wondering about the lack of activity on the blog, blame it on FLU, SERVER DOWNTIME and CLIENT SHENANIGANS.

Read on for content

This month the MAG is filled with quality content, mostly due to the great contributions from Tim Haak from Let’s Talk and Jaco Kroon from ULS. Two articles that will wet the appetites of the more technically inclined among you. I add an opionion piece about Piracy – the technology kind, and a recipe for some more geek food.

Right now I am working on a new delivery method for the MAG, so next month might not be available as a PDF at all, but something much more awesome and interactive!

Download the PDF, zip will follow later…Sageek Mag July

Some of the left out content will be a part of the blog in coming days.

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