Samsung LogoEveryone knows and trusts the big brand names. Dell makes good if clunky laptops – they used to be ugly too but that has improved. HP used to be the standard if you were looking for a reliable printer. Mac is the place to look for a designer gadget.

You get the picture.

Over the years other brands appeared on the horizon, and some cemented their place as makers of good reliable hardware – Sony, in particular, seemed to hit that niche of designer laptop and everyday usability that used to be the domain of the Macbook.

And now Samsung is chomping at the bit to become one of the best IT vendors out there…

(disclaimer: this is not a paid advertorial – SaGeek does not do stuff like that. I just really like Samsung products.)


Samsung started out as a small trading company in Korea. Called Samsung Sanghoe it dealt in green grocery and dried fish produced in it’s home town. In 1947 the company moved its head office to Seoul. After a short intermission caused by the Korean War during which the founder started the first Sugar refinery in Korea, Samsung branched out into many areas such as insurance, securities and retail.

In the late 1960’s Samsung entered the Electronics industry, of which the first product was a black and white television set. In the 1980’s Samsung acquired a telephonics manufacturer, and that branch of the company has to date manufactured 800million Mobile Phones to date.

The 1990’s were a boom time for Samsung, they manufactured one of the two Petronas towers in Malaysia, the Taipei 101 in Taiwan and more recently the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

In 1992 Samsung became the no 1 produced or Memory chips in the world, and today is the second largest chipmaker after Intel. Depressingly Simba is a no show in the top then chipmakers…

Samsung has not been without controversy – between 1999 and 2002 it conspired with other memory manufacturers among whom Hynix, Infineon and others to fix prices of DRAM chips sold to manufacturers in the USA. In 2005 Samsung plead guilty and paid a $300million fine.

Why I say you should watch them.

In 1995 Samsung built it’s first LCD screen. In 2005 it became the worlds largest manufacturer of LCD screens.

Samsung is second behind Nokia in the manufacture of Mobile Phones.

It is now the world no 19 brand overall, and overtook Sony as the worlds most popular consumer electronics brand.

It is really simple actually – want the best Android Phone? Consider getting a Samsung phone. Looking for a printer? Samsung will almost certainly work with your PC, whether it is running Linux or Windows or MacOS.

Today the best televisions are made by Samsung – want to buy a Sony TV? Remember that they collaborated with Samsung to manufacture LCD screens.

Samsung Laptops are… not as good as some of the other brands out there right now, but if their history is anything to go by you can expect growth and improvement there as well.

Look at this Wikipedia table to see a breakdown of Samsung market share in various products and industries.

Some problems in paradise.

There are minor problems with some of their products though. Notably with 64bit drivers, especially with some cellphones. My laptop struggles with FN-Key drivers for Windows 7 and Linux, but everything works under Vista. my Cell only syncs with my 32bit Windows install, and not with my 64bit install.

Looking online this is a known problem with some of their products – those issues need to be adressed.


Samsung has impressed me very much with product quality and range over the last year. In printers and cellphones they rank no 1 in my book, but with Laptops I’d still go for something from Dell, HP or Sony.

If you are looking for consumer electronics today, Samsung products deserve to be on your comparative list.

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