It is a bit later than I envisioned, but here it is. Day one of using KDE4 of a seven day series on the Desktop Environment.

If you are new to my Seven Day Challenges, you can also read through my Gnome Shell or Windows 7 Seven Day series.

Back to this one then.

Starting Off

KDE4 is much maligned by many. A lot of this criticism is deserved, but it has come a far way. For this Seven Day Challenge I am using KDE4.4.3 on Mandriva 2010 Spring KDE for this challenge, the best KDE distro around. Will it deliver? Lets find out…

First Impressions

Mandriva is very well put together. I would much rather my switch from Ubuntu be done using Mandriva Gnome, but I want to give KDE a run.

KDE is a handsome environment. It offers a lot along the lines of basic functionality, yet you can tweak it to your hearts content. For me it is a little complicated once you want to do more involved stuff, but that is just me – a long time Gnome user.

Web Browser

Mandriva defaults to Firefox as far as browsing is concerned, but I decided to use Konqueror, the KDE default.

I hate it.

Using Konqueror right now to write this post is a pain in the neck. I have no visual editor in WordPress, HTML only. I cannot resize my writing area. In short it is a horrible browser. It shows my “Add New Post” interface as if Javascript is disabled, yet it is not disabled. I checked.

Wordpress Add New Post

Wrestling with Konqueror and Wordpress (Click to Enlarge)

It has no search function from the address bar like Internet Explorer and Firefox and Opera has.

In short, I might as just be using a mobile browser on my cellphone. Since I spend a lot of my time working with browser interfaces I can already see that this is going to be a looooong week….

(In fact, I had to cheat right away and launch Firefox to edit the placing of the image, and I had to SCP the image to my server since Konqueror would not upload it with either of the Wordpress Uploaders available.)

File Management

Immediately apparent is that Dolphin and Nautilus do things differently. Dolphin feels a little more powerful than Nautilus does, whereas Nautilus feels more intuitive, less cluttered.

One thing that I find interesting is that when I take a screenshot in Ubuntu, the automatic file saving location is ~/Pictures, whereas in Mandriva it is ~/Documents. When I saved a video it is also ~/Documents.

In Mandriva Gnome it defaults to the correct folder, as is the case with Ubuntu.

Summary Day One

I kinda like KDE4 at the moment, it is certainly different than Gnome, and I miss my trusty old friend dearly at the moment. I will be interested to see what the next seven days bring to my experience of KDE, lets hope Konqueror is not a harbinger of things to come…

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