Daily Snippets Time.

We have been bad, not bringing you teh snippetzors for a whole week. Well some behind the scene changes were made, two very interesting interviews where had, and this week it’s back to business.

Oh, and yesterday Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat was launched – more on that later during the week.

Dive into the snippets for now…

Would you let Google Drive your Car?

News have broken that Google is letting computer driven cars loose on the roads of San Francisco.

While some of you may balk at the idea of Robocop tailgating you on a busy motorway, Google assures us that there is a licensed driver and a software technician on-board the car the whole time.

So. Robocop is tailgating you on a busy motorway AND HE’S GOT HOSTAGES!!!

For a less freakout prone take on this read Techtree’s take on it.

ComScore: Android continues its ascent in smartphone OS market

Everyone knows that Android Devices are popular. ComScore tells us just how popular. And it is becoming more popular month by month.

What is very interesting, is that the Apple iOS growth had stagnated, even with the release of the iPhone 4.

Read the full story at Topnews.US

After Building an Audience, Twitter Turns to Ads

It had to happen. If you like the new Twitter interface (like I do) and want to continue using it (like I do) you will have to live with ads.

According to THIS NYTIMES article, Twitter is looking at “Promoted Tweets.”

Wonder if Addblock will have a remedy for this…

Report: Apple to launch 7-inch version of iPad

Let me be the first to say: I KNEW IT!!!

Ahem. And then: SUCK ON THAT “ooh the iPad form factor is better than the Galaxy Tab” Apple FANBOIS!

Right, now that we have gotten that of our chests, let me link you to an article, and have a self congratulatory guffaw at their expense.

Via Oneindia.com

Windows Phone 7 to Be Launched Today

Softpedia brings news that the Windows Phone 7 OS will be launched today. Let me say that from what I have read and seen online Microsoft is going to implement a lot of features that are available on other platforms already and market it as their own.


Read it at Softpedia.com

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