Ubuntu LogoWith the news that Unity will be the interface for Desktop Ubuntu come 11.04 Natty Narwhal, I have decided to embark on another Seven Day Challenge!

Yessir, as of tomorrow my desktop interface will be Ubuntu Unity.

Will it measure up? Read on for my preliminary impressions…

Unity is the new Ubuntu

Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition already uses Unity as its default interface.

For the record, I really liked the UNR interface, and Unity will need to be really good for me to prefer it over Ubuntu Netbook Remix’s interface.

What has been announced today though, is that as of Ubuntu 11.04, Unity will also be the default interface for Ubuntu Desktop Edition.

First Impressions

Unity has come a long way since we last tried it. You can read about it HERE and also see some screenshots. When we previously played with it for the blog – we tried it on and off before and after as well – it had an unfinished feel to it.

I am happy to report that Unity has been improved a LOT.

I already have a wishlist of features and tweaks that I would like to see for Unity, and I will deal with each of my thoughts for improvement as I go through my seven day challenge.

As a teaser, here are two suggestions – A minimise/close all button on the new sidebar, and a right click menu to add new programs to the sidebar. Ooh, and sommer a third, I would love to be able to see the seconds and date in the clock.

If the ability is there and I missed it, please inform me and point out how?


I am excited by the news that Ubuntu will be going the direction of Unity. I am saddened for the Gnome team, I believe they are working very hard on Gnome Shell, but Ubuntu is due for a unique identity, and (to take a swipe at the Gnome guys) I have more confidence in Canonical getting Unity ready when they say it will be than Gnome having Gnome shell ready in a years time.

Tomorrow: Day 1 of Using Unity (AND DAY ONE IS UP – As far as I got before a laptop here broke and I had to help fixing it…)

For those of you wanting to jump directly to the tutorial on how to make a custom Unity skin, FOLLOW THIS LINK.

Will you switch away from Ubuntu because of Unity?

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