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Day three, and now there are problems in paradise.

Mutter has started misbehaving under load, and I need to killall – HUP mutter once in a while to get it back to a sane resource profile.

RAM wise Unity is awesome, but the spikes in CPU usage tends to kill the interface, and often you need to wait for ten or more seconds between clicking a launcher and actual response. But there is hope…

Unity Ported To Compiz?

Yes. It is already available in a BZR branch, somewhere. If you read through THIS POST on Askubuntu you will get some answers regarding that.

If I can figure out a way to run the Compiz version I will include it in this series. It seems that you can try it when Natty Alpha shows up in November, but as always that will be a wait and see thing. Alphas are generally not visually very different from previous releases.

Showing Unity to some WinXP users.

So I showed Unity to my brother and a friend of his, to get some biased input from people who decided not to use Win7 and stick with XP.

The dislike was universal. Comments ranging from “…being different for the sake of being different…” and “…it adds a layer between the user and his files..” to “…it is pretty but I can’t use it the way I use Windows XP now.”

Make of those comments what you will, these are hardcore Windows XP fans, but I think it is telling nonetheless. Colleagues of mine at work and for Win7 users they rather liked it.

More later…

Changing Desktop Background


If you can access the Gnome Control Centre via one of the Unity menus you can select the utility you would normally select your desktop theme. (Applications on Unity Launcher>System>Gnome Control Centre>Appearance)

One of the options there are to change your desktop wallpaper, and presto you have your new wallpaper.

I wonder if you can change your window themes too… (checks) ayup, you can. It changes the icons in the notification area top right too, but the top panel and Unity Launcher does not change appearance.

Check the screenie below.

Clearlooks Theme

The Clearlooks Theme in Unity (Click To Enlarge)

I hit upon an idea somewhere between today and yesterday. I wonder if the Unity Launcher (I have seen it being referred to as the “Unity Dock” online as well – will have to find out which is the correct term) uses a tiled image to render its look…

I am sure that if this is the case it will be a small matter of renaming the file(s) in question and replacing them with new images and giving them the old name. You should be able to reskin the dock quite easily then…

Summary Day 3

Today was a short writeup. It was a little crazy, our office got a new Satellite Dish for Internet to serve as a backup for our ADSL, and it was unusually busy for a Friday.

More tomorrow – Depending on what time I come from a family thing we will be having I will put up Day 4 – hopefully with some pointers on reskinning the Unity Launcher…


DAY FOUR IS UP. I have started it early due to me being at a family thing in a few hours and unable to blog for the most of the day. READ HERE

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