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Day six.

Today I will tackle one of the areas where Unity irritates me a bit: Notifying me of actionable windows/programs.

Since I have already managed to custom skin my Unity, I will go that direction and see if I can customise the notification triangles a little to make them more visible. They tend to disappear a little when the Unity Launcher has a pattern to it, like is the case with my snakeskin launcher.

Also some other thoughts as the day continues…

Unity tability and glitches so far

I have very little to report here. Unity is rather solid. I have had once or twice that Unity has blinked in and out of existence while I was working, but it has recovered perfectly every time.

There are some glitches here and there though – Maximised windows don’t stay maximised immediately after clicking, so that you have to click the maximise button a few times. Tweetdeck in particular displays this quirk.

The window action buttons disappear from time to time as well. This causes me to have to move to a different desktop and back again in order to see the action buttons. This is a known bug that have been reported on launchpad.

Another glitch – Maximised windows are “masked” with their previous look. Uhm, let me explain it like this: You will look at a website in Firefox. You scroll down a little, and decide to maximise the window. Suddenly it looks like your keyboard and mouse do not interact with the site. When you restore your windows to previous size you realise that you have interacted with the window, it just did not look like it.

This happens when a window was filling up the whole desktop before being maximised, especially right after launching it.

Switching desktops tend to cure this, or maximising and restoring a few times.

Right, now off to real work. More later on…

Multiple Sceen Problems

Unity, and the way it handles maximised windows by integrating them into the top panel has a few interaction problems.

  1. You cannot drag a maximised window over to the extra monitor like you can with Gnome and KDE. You have to restore them and then drag them.
  2. As soon as you maximise them on the second monitor, the window border disappears into the top panel on the first monitor. You now have to interact with the Panel on the one screen and the window on the other.
  3. If you have focus follows mouse (like I do) you have a real problem, as soon as your mouse touches another open window the program you are working with loses focus.
  4. You can still drag the window around by holding down the ALT key, but it is a sub optimal solution…

More later…

Summary Day Six

Given the failings that Unity currently has I am surprised that I feel so at home with it. I remember when I tried Gnome Shell I simply could not get through a days work without feeling worn out and frustrated.

Tomorrow I will try and round of the series with some thoughts from Elzje regarding the new interface, as well as more input from other users.

Bye for now!

DAY SEVEN IS (finally) UP. Have a READ and look at some screencasts too.

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