(If you are jumping into this series a little late, have a read from the Introduction HERE.)

Day Seven.

I know it is late, apologies for that.

Here it is though, a partial Day Seven, and the finale to this series.

Good Decision or not?

Should Ubuntu switch to Unity? It is hard to say, really. If you take Unity as the interface that it is today, you are looking at disaster.

If you look past the most obvious faults, and assume that many of them will be fixed in due course then you are looking at something that will really set Ubuntu apart from other Linux Distros.

Controversial as this may be, I think Unity is a good direction for Ubuntu to move in – IF there is ongoing work to improve it.

Unity Preview

If you want to have a sneak preview of Natty Narwhal and the Unity that comes with it, I strongly suggest using Maverick Meerkat and either installing Unity, or using the Netbook Edition that comes with Unity installed as default.

Unity on Lucid just feels different, but that may be very subjective.

Of course you can have a look at the SaGeek Youtube Channel as well, I will be uploading a few Screencasts of Unity in action there – the first one is below:

I am busy uploading others too. With my absolutely awesome 384kbps ADSL line it takes about two hours to upload each video, so be patient while the others load.

Once they are done I will add them to this post.

Other Users Impressions

I showed Unity to other people during this series, and apart from the strongly opinionated feedback from my brother and his friend, the general reaction is positive. Ish.

You see – unity piques the interest of the casual observer, or the interested audience.

Once they get to use it, or have the interface demonstrated to them the original OOH turns into a less enthusiastic OH.

Elzje thinks the interface is cool, but I give her a different interface to play with often enough that things like a nifty launcher and pretty effects do little to impress her. She is interested in if it works or not, and if it stays out of her way.

In her opinion Unity needs work, and I agree.

I have two more videos to upload, but at almost half a gig between them I will wait till I get to a faster line  before uploading them.

Summary to the Series.

Unity is still very fresh – if you do an online search for it you find very little about it. In fact, Day Four is the only proper result Google returns for giving Unity a custom Skin.

Will I switch back to regular Gnome now that this series is done? No. I will stick to Unity whenever using Ubuntu – I kinda enjoy the newness of it. It is quite a fun interface to use.

So there you have it, this series – barring some videos to be uploaded – is done, and I give Unity a cautious thumbs up.

Unity now is OKAY, but not good enough for the mainstream. Yet.

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