Post lunch session.

After a quick lunchtime tweetup we are back!

Listening to a talk on the online trends…

Mobile Trends

Gmail was launched in 2004, changed the game for webmail – offered two gig of mail space for free. The closest competitor at this time offered 25megabytes.

Youtube was launched on 2005. Transformed the way video is distributed.

Google Voice was launched in 2008.

Today, mobile phones are moving towards being a computer in your pocket. You have a camera, speaker and touch screen.

  • Speaker – Speech
  • Camera – Sight
  • Touch Screen – Skin
  • GPS Chip – Spatially aware
  • Microphone – Hearing

Smartphone prices are falling. From $500 a year ago to less than half that this year.

We can always use more network capacity. Ten years ago a laptop with Wifi was $1000, today it is included as standard on most devices. Cloud computing is available to everyone today. It brings supercomputing to all.

Three million iPads were sold in the first 60days, Android is now shipping 200k devices daily. There are 100million iPhones and iPod touches. 6BILLION apps downloaded from the app store.

Why will the browser win?

  • Open Standards win in the long term
  • You can develop once for all platforms – No development kit or licensing fees. TEXT EDITORS!
  • Your App lives on the server. Zero install time, no updates, no installation issues. You can experiment quickly and easily. No approvals. (No App Store approvals *cough*apple*coughcough*

What is available?

  • Canvas – 2D elements on the fly.
  • Video, Moving pictures and sound.
  • Geolocation with the users permission.
  • App cache – do things offline without a network connection.
  • Worker threads – complex Apps can feel smooth and fluid.

A nice demonstration about how the online and offline content works with Google apps. Using Gmail to demonstrate working with your email while not connected.

Also a demo of a complex application running in the browser – this is demonstrated using Google Maps as an example of a really complex application that runs entirely in your browser.

Voice and Goggles

Wow, some really cool demos of Google Voice and Google Goggles. Scanning a French menu, and having it translated into English, or using your Android Phone to have a conversation with a person speaking a different language.

It is really awesome how Google apps and cloud computing bring translation devices to life.

We are shown how speaking in English into your phone allows you to get and direct a taxi in Spanish.

Take a picture of a building and Google Goggles retrieves online information about it and its area, along with a tag on Google Maps.

You can use it for books, dvd’s, landmarks, logos, Contact Info, Artwork, Busineses, Products, Barcodes and text.


Does not work so well for animals (what kind of dog?) Furniture, apparel.

This was an awesome demo. You have had to be here to see it.


Since I am sitting in the chill room to recharge the laptop I thought I would comment a bit on the conference and the content at large.

Being Cape Town it is very beautiful. Mountains everywhere, beaches, a little rain. Definitely a cool venu.

I am irritated a bit by the lack of power in the venue itself, though in fairness most people are there to listen and I only saw about 10% of the attendees working on laptops while in the conference room. For the one session I found an unattended power plug in the back of the hall, but for the afternoon session I found only one that did not want to accept my power plug.

Ag, thems the breaks I guess.

The content at the conference is awesome. I really find something interesting and noteworthy with almost every presentation. The speakers really know their stuff, and also the stuff they know is very interesting.

Some interesting things crop up at the question and answer sessions. Google is firm about not providing answers on any future developments, will South Africa have paid Android Apps? No answer, Voice Navigation for Google Maps? No answer. I guess they had to take up a consistent position, and the safest one is to not say anything about future developments, nor to predict anything for the future.

Right now my concern is with getting the Car started tonight. I left the lights on so I have to jumpstart it or have it pushed.

Geez I am a genius :(

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