Right. I skipped the mid-morning session, and now we are online again. WiFi has been a bit dodge the past hour.

This session is about YouTube. Called YouTube in Business, let’s dive into the talk…


  • 2Billion vids a day viewed
  • YouTube mobile 150million videos streamed a day.
  • Every Minute users upload 24hours of video.
  • It is the world’s second largest search engine.
  • 70% of YoutTube traffic comes from outside the US, hundreds of millions of users from around the world.

Currently video accounts for about 50% of all online traffic, and growing fast. Mobile downloads up 180% in the last year.

Recent Developments

Google TV is a recent development – Based on Android and early next year will be supporting the Android marketspace and you will be able to get Apps for it.

YouTube also has Captions and Translation, they are able automatically transcribe video and audio in some videos in real time. YouTube can automatically add captions to a video from the speech in the video, he is now demonstrating a MIT lecture on the fly to Swahili.

WOW. Ahem.

The captions are stored in a database, right now the translations are not that good (in his own words) but are constantly improving.

Recent enhancements

  • Lightweight Faster Page
  • Experimenting with Lower bandwidth video format.
  • Added UI Languages for Amharic and Swahili

In May YouTube was launched in South Africa, with a full team and local domain.

Making the Most of YouTube

1. Think about your content

  • Video Add
  • How-To Videos
  • Training Tool
  • Is it Authentic.
  • Is is evergreen
  • Movies are not about a particular length.
  • It is not “premium” vs “user generated”

2. Edit it

Make use of animation, splicing with some really common tools. Don’t just upload what you shot. Do some really basic editing and you can get a much better impact.

3. New tools make new content

For instance “The Hunt for Gollum” was created by volunteers or about $5000 and had 1.3 MILLION views in the first week. Old Spice did some cool YouTube videos and their sales doubled in a month.

The “Guy Walks Across America” video was pitched to Levis and went from a little project to a major scoop for Levis.

YouTube has broken the 30second TV ad limit, and creativity is really alive in this space. If you make an ad that is really good the userspace will take it and you can have parodies or viral spoofs of it.

4. Content does not necessarily need to be funny.

Remember the Dove “real woman” campaign? That is a great example of good deep content that is not meant to be funny but is meant to have an impact.

Brand It

HP and Sprint make video creation an organic part of their advertising campaigns. Animoto and “That’s Not Cool” use the video creation API on their websites.

Getting Your Message Out.

Your videos can be analysed in depth with YouTube insight and you can see where in your videos there are more views, and what is popular or not.

There is a “Promoted Video System” where you can start promoting our video on search etc to get that video in views or searches. You can pay YouTube to promote your Videos.

YouTube has many engaging Ad formats, you can have sposored videos and ads in your feed.

Engage With Your Community

The presenter used the example of the “Jesus Shot” video that appeared online, and how EA sports responded creatively to this. The key is to find creative ways to engage with your audience.

YouTube has a lot of interactive features in it, like annotation. There are comments, video responses and a ton of ways for you to be interactive with your audience.

Use Video

It is important to make the most of video. When Zappos started using Video in their content on their site they saw a six to eight percent increase in sales.

Users can do product reviews as well, get a way to incorporate that with your marketing. Also a good example of creatively using video is the “Will It Blend” series.

Unboxing videos are really popular right now. Companies should use this to their advantage.

Support tips and DIY videos that feature your products.

Can You Replace your Entire Website?

http://booneoakley.com has replaced their whole website with a YouTube page. The URL redirects to their YouTube channel.

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