Hey, online at the morning session for day two.

Not much new to report since the introductory session is exactly the same as was the first session yesterday. It is good for me to hear this talk again, refreshes some of the points and brings home the challenges that face Africa regarding Internet penetration.

Tweeps here.

What was, and is, fun is meeting up with some tweeps from around the country who came to the conference. Yesterday I spent some time with @bazzareido, @brad8711 and @carolune, looking over their shoulders as they built their winning app for the Google hack contest. Also had the pleasure of saying hi to @wasbeer and also have @johan_els help them to and @kmf to push the car. (stoopid lights that don’t switch off when you turn off the car :( )

They each won an Android phone from Google for their efforts.

I am also planning to meet up with @shesthegeek come the tea break – if any other tweeps are here come meet and say hoezit at the recharge lounge later.

Out for now, I can see that electricity to charge my laptop is going to present a challenge again…

Voice Search

Seeing the twitterfall scrolling by there is much excitement about Google launching voice search in English, Afrikaans and Zulu. All the first time attendees are all abuzz about this “just launched” but they are a day late.

We had some reallyreally cool demonstrations at the conference yesterday of this technology.

Google and Mobile Devices

Google is big on tapping the Mobile Internet Market.

They are investing heavily in mobile devices accessing the cloud, bringing some awesome technologies to the device in your hand. You can tap the power of a supercomputer with an application to translate voice or text on the fly.

They believe that the future of mobile computing is in the browser. Apps are a secondary target market for them.

Chewy is up with some talk about Google API etc.

Chewy is on stage now demonstrating some Google technologies. It is also more of the same from yesterday. He is a brilliant speaker and personality. If you listened to him yesterday you hang around to hear him speak again.

If you did not listen to his talk and this is your first day at g|South Africa you are in for a real treat.

Summary Session One.

That is it for now. The crowd here is definitely less fun than yesterday. The buzz with Geeks hanging around was definitely worth it.

It is a little bit of a downer that there is not much new content today versus yesterday, yet. I will see how this afternoon pans out and keep you informed!

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