A crowdsourced web. Doesn’t sound too new does it? How about a collaborative crowdsourced web? Is there a service that makes this possible?

Imagine a web service where you can collaborate with a whole social network always there to help you solve your problem.

Evly.com aims to provide a service such as this, and it is launching Monday 22 November.

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Not a new concept

The concept of working together to solve a problem is not new. The open-source community has been doing this since the 80’s, and many of the projects spawned in the heady beginnings of desktop computing are still running today.

What the genesis of the Internet has allowed is speeding up this collaboration and making it effective beyond the world’s wildest expectations.

What does Evly Offer?

Evly Screenshot

A Screenshot of what the Evly community would look like. (Click To Enlarge)

When Evly goes live you, as a registered user, will be able to log in and tap untold resources. You can have access to the Evly network and participate in projects world wide. As a new project you can gain assistance from experts in a myriad of fields right from your Evly account.

There are three levels of membership, namely:

Level One: Starter.

This level of membership is open to everyone. It allows users (Individuals and Businesses) to set up challenges for free. This will allow them to tap the resources on the Evly.com network.

Level Two: Customisation

Evly Profile Page

An Example of a Profile Page (Click To Enlarge)

This level of membership will allow the member more control over the  customization of their Evly.com site. They can have their branding and design to their needs within minutes.

Level Three: Independence

This level of membership will allow website owners to remove themselves from the Evly network. They can also fully customize their website. They will have full ownership of their member information.

(UPDATE: Reading Eric’s response to my enquiry [below] it seems that the names of the different packages might have changed.)

The Dream

Evly Participation Page

The Participation Page in Evly.com (Click To Enlarge)

The advantage of a service like this is immediately apparent. According to predictions compiled by various analysts there willbe millions of users online in this community within months. As many as 35 million users within the next 36 months.

Imagine being able to solicit assistance from such a large community!

The Problem

One cannot help but notice the stipulation that “Level Three” membership allows users to retain full ownership of their member information.

The assumtion is that evly.com retains ownership of the information associated with their level one and two members. The question is, what does this mean for intellectual property? Who owns the code that a member submits while participating in a project? What about GPL licensed code that is re-used according to license specs?

And then of course there is the finished projects themselves, who owns these?

Project Example

An Example of an Ongoing Project (Click To Enlarge)

Eric Edelstein from Evly is extremely busy what with the launch of the service being imminent, but he graciously took the time to answer this concern of mine in a hurried email, below a quick verbatim quote:

in a nutshell, basically if people have a free site, then the emails & data are co-owned. if they pay for the full level 3 (being renamed level 2 version) they’ll own all the data.
people can take the data out of the freemium version, (we will offer exporting at a later stage to make it easier) but whatever data they put into the freemium version, will remain…
we’re also sharing the emails of people that join your level 1 freemium site, which very few other sites do.
hope that helps as a quick answer.
He promised to try and get a more comprehensive answer out to me over the weekend.


Evly Site Analytics

Evly will provide site analytics (Click To Enlarge)

I am excited by the prospect of Evly.com being successful. I am looking forward to seeing a South African project make it big online.

Is there scope for it? I think so. There are other collaborative communities online, and other tools that allow users over a wide range of skills to work together on a project. Evly aims to take this one step further and roll this capability into a proactive social community.

You can have a look at Evly.com at http://www.evly.com once it goes live (or now if you want some more info) or follow them on twitter @evlydotcom

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