I was in a bit of a conundrum with this press release offered to me by Cerebra. I am a FLOSS pundit, and here is a release announcement of Internet Explorer 9.

I decided to run the article in any case, partly because I like Cerebra – they seem like a fun bunch, and partly because IE is improving, albeit not as quickly as the other browsers are. It is still behind in some key areas.

Read on for the full press release, posted verbatim, and a poll at the end. OOH, it also includes the chance to win a holiday!

Explore a More Beautiful Web with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

It’s time to stop staring at your computer screen and start exploring. And we don’t mean on Bing either! If you dare to embark on an adventure that could take you to any place in the country, involving anything from lying on unspoilt beaches to climbing the country’s highest peaks, read on…

We’re giving one lucky explorer a chance to win a fully paid trip to the value of R70 000 around sunny South Africa. Where it gets interesting is that the public will be the ones who choose where you’re going to go – they will plan your adventure for you, and each week the best suggestions will win fantastic prizes.

This is how it works. The first step is to go to the IE9 website (www.ie9.co.za) and register for the competition. In the process, you will get to download Internet Explorer 9, which will allow you to unlock the full potential of your computer in like no browser before it. Then, you can stand by and wait for the grand prizewinner to be announced, in February 2011, holding thumbs that it will be you…

After the prizewinner has been decided, the real fun will begin. You will be able to visit the site and post your most creative idea for what kind of adventure you’d like the explorer to have. In the process, you will stand a chance of winning a different gadget each week.

We invite you all to go wild and choose the most interesting adventure possible for our grand prizewinner to embark on. This means that you could send the explorer on any trip you want, whether it involves extreme activities or just relaxing in paradise. Do you want our explorer to soak up sun at the beach, go canopy jumping among tall trees or go sand boarding on dunes? The choice is yours…

Internet Explorer 9 is a browser that will allow you to explore the web in the same way that our lucky prizewinner will be given a chance to explore our country. It’s the first browser that has been designed to take into account the way in which the web is changing. Today, when you browse the web, you use about 10 percent of the power of your computer. Downloading Internet Explorer 9 will allow you to unlock the other 90 percent. Experience a cleaner, faster Internet experience by downloading it now.

For more info and to keep track of new developments, check out the website (www.ie9.co.za), and join our Facebook page (http://www.ie9.co.za/http://www.facebook.com/InternetExplorer9.

Register by Monday 31st January 2011 to stand a chance of winning a trip across sunny South Africa worth R70 000.

And there you have it.

What do you think? Check the poll below to gimme some feedback:

Will you use IE9 as your main browser? If not, which is your preferred browser?

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