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So you’ve decided to come over to the wild side and by wild side i mean blogging. Well to be honest blogging ain’t that wild unless you are Seth Rotherham.

I find that most newbie bloggers are tempted to just setup a WordPress blog, choose a theme and start writing blog posts in the hope that millions will visit. Not to put you off blogging, if you genuinely talented and hardworking you could achieve millions of hits, but there are certain crucial things you should do to prepare for the visitors.

The Concept :When a baby is born he/she has to feed on breast milk before solids, similarly its important to cover the ground work(breast feed) at the start of you baby, oops blogs life. Here are two basics you must cover when nurturing your blog.

Choose a good comments handler (plugin)

You’ll soon realise that spam is rife in the blog world and that even with a few articles you’ll be getting lots of comment spam like “you certainly know your stuff!”,”Cool article it is actually. Friend on mine has been searching for this tips”, “Great post!”. bad grammar comes standard. This is done in the hope that you’ll accept the comment and thereby give the lovely spammers a free backlink

The best Blog Comments handler (plugin) I’ve come across is the Disqus comment system. Disqus boasts an amazing half a million installs on websites and blogs, including some high profile blogs like the tech blog: The comment system can be installed via your WordPress dashboard by going to plugin->add new and searching for Disqus.Get yours now its free.

Features includes the ability to request that visitors sign-up before commenting as well as capturing a visitors email address.The disqus comment system in my opinion is a must on any blog especially when combating spam.

Get the stats Early

A good baby step to take when stating a new blog is to sign-up with google analytics from day one. Google analytics is a must for anyone planning to make there blog successful or even for those planning to sell their blog in the future. Google Analytics helps you accurately track your blog post visits even up to the country from which the visitor came, helping you see which blog posts your readers are interested in, so you’d know which type of posts you should concentrate on.

Google analytics is a recognised stats platform that potential buyers and sellers swear by. Its by far a good way to keep track of you blogs popularity.

So there you have two crucial baby steps to take when starting a new blog, now you should concentrate on writing amazing articles that people want to read. See : How To write better blog posts

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