Don't Put Your Number On Facebook!

Really? And now an idiot gave your contact details to the world.

…and sommer post it on Facebook you idiot.

And better still, if I create a Facebook group, which is public, and the sidebar helpfully notes “PRIVACY TYPE: OPEN: ALL CONTENT IS PUBLIC”, why not post it there!

Yes! The world’s cold-calling-e-marketing-porno-sms-sending-that-costs-you-five-bucks-to-unsubscribe will LOVE you, and your stupidity.

Guess what I did this morning…

This morning, while waiting for a server to connect to a ppp account (it still hasn’t) I checked some of the “people you may know” listings that Facebook suggested.

While reading the wall of one person that is totally open, I noticed that one of her friends asked her for another friends cellphone number.

Do Not Upload Your Number

I now have a girls number :-) better pass it on to my brother...

And she posted it. On her very open wall. I am still trying not to tell her off for posting someone else’s cell number on her wall. Your own is one thing, but exposing someone else like that is bordering on criminal.

This led me to thinking, can I find cellphone numbers via a Google search for people who posted their numbers on Facebook?

I envisioned having to be crafty and maybe even building a curl script to search my friend’s walls via my Facebook login if Google did not index peoples profile walls. It turned out being much simpler than that.

Brian's Cellphone Number

Really Bryan? REALLY!?

It turns out people regularly create open groups to tell the world that they lost their cellphones, and that they want to get back their friend’s numbers. And Google faithfully indexes it. I have access to thousands of South African phone numbers, with names, and some open profiles where I can get some information of the person I am calling beforehand.

It is dangerous, and sloppy. People should know better.

Cutting this rant short – I have a meeting at 7am – don’t. Do not give your buddy your number via a facebook wall! Hang on, I wonder if people do this with their email addresses… yep email addresses too…

Wait. Should I have even asked?

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