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I have previously posted about the Google Global Science Fair, and to recap for those who have not read that article – the Google Global Science Fair is an opportunity for young scientists to showcase their skills and projects to a global audience. This project is an initiative by some of the folks at Google who are eager for youngsters to get their Science on.

How long will submissions still be open for?

Time is Running Out

Submissions for the Google Global Science fair is closing at 6pm GMT on Monday 4 April. That is 1day and 18 hours from now. This means that if you want to submit a project for review you will need to act quickly.

Keep in mind that should you choose to enter you will need to be between the ages of 13 and 18, and should you live in any US sanctioned country you are out of luck.

You need to have, or create, a Google account – and if you are a minor in your country you will need permission from your parents or guardian.


Once you have gone through all the submission requirements and steps, outlined in more detail HERE, you will need to create either a 2minute video, or a 20 slide presentation of your project and submit it for review.


Once the submission deadline has passed, judging will take place and in early May 60 semi finalists will be whittled down to fifteen finalists. Announcement of finalists will take place in late May.

Here comes the fun part, should you be one of the lucky fifteen chosen entries you will be flown to the Google HQ in California You Es Ay (USA) where you will have a great time at the celebratory Science Fair event.

Announcement of Winners will take place on 11 July 2011


There are tons of prizes up for grabs. Predictably the Grand Prize is something really special, and includes a National Geographic Expedition to the Galapagos Islands, a Google Scholarship worth $50,000.00 , a Package from Scientific American and even more awesome goodies.

Do not fear for the other fourteen finalists though, there are prizes ranging from Lego Packs up to Google Scholarships for them as well, and every one of the fifteen finalists will get a Google Goodie bag that includes a Google Chrome Notebook and an Android Phone.

For a detailed rundown of prizes click THIS LINK.


The Google Global Science Fair is wrapping up it’s submissions phase in only 46hours. If you think you have the right stuff, or a reallyreally neat idea to share with the world you need to get your submission ready and submit it.

If you want to read more about the Google Global Science Fair they have a BLOG going, and this week the guest blogger is none other than Rolf Heuer – the Director of CERN, the European Center for Particle Physics.

To read the blog, click HERE.

So there you have it, submit your project. Goog Luck (see what I did there?) and may the best science projects get some airplay on the world stage!

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