Hey Everyone.

I am going to try and cram as much info into this post as I am live blogging from the Google Engage event in Bryanston today.

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Right, it seems that they are ready to go, let’s dive in. (Excuse any typo’s, I am live blogging as the presentations happen.)

According to the Agenda (viewable HERE) Luke Mckend, the Country Manager for Google South Africa will be opening with a keynote.

Luke Mckend – Keynote

Google is serious about speed. He shows us a nice gimmicky video of how fast the new Chrome Browser loads pages. He gives some stats on how many Internet users there will be online in 2020.

NOW : 1.8B Users (6.8M in SA)

2020: 5B (35M in SA.)

Facebook has +600mil users, took 10mths to reach 1mil users, Google Plus did 10mil in two weeks. Google Plus is accelerating growth very quickly.

Storage is very important. Since 1964 the price of data has halved every 13mins. At the moment 48hours of video are being uploaded to Youtube every minute.

Every day a billion pieces of information are being shared on Google Plus.

iPhone Apps have hit 5billion downloads.

Online marketing is a two way engagement between marketer and client.

Over one TRILLION URLS in the Google Search Index, neccesitated a rewrite of the Google indexing service. Search is now also social and allows you to interact with a wider selection of online media with a larger group of people.

There are some some of the barriers to change i.e:


He is using a search example of the UK results for Mountain Bikes in the UK and South Africa. The lack of vibrant content on the South African Google search as well as the lack of advertising is staggering.

Searches in SA 2011 1.8mil Finance, 1.7Mil Entertainment, 1.2Mil Employment. Cadbury used online media to significantly increase their sales figures. Building an online presence is increasingly important.

For Cadbury online brought 20% extra reach, and 6xROI for their chocolate charmers. It enabled them to reach their core audience.

Google knows which shade of blue generates more clicks on Google Searches!

That was Luke Mckend’s leynote in highlights. I am gonna suspend the laptop for a bit and tweet and G+ the official launch of Google Engage. Keeping my battery for a summary later.

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