I haven’t blogged in a very long time, and since I have to evaluate Windows8 for work in order to get the tech team up to speed on it I thought it would be a great opportunity to get back into blogging by doing a 7Day Challenge where Windows8 is my default “office”.

Previously I did a 7Day Challenge with Windows7 and proprietary software, and remember those frustrations well. This will be a good opportunity not only to sus out Win8, but also get a feel for what improvements have been made in the world of Proprietary software.

So far the verdict is not too good, IE is being mean to me. I might have to install Chrome or Firefox before too long because IE does not play well with Wordpress on Win8, I have to write in HTML mode to make sure my changes get recorded.

First Impressions

I am not a fan of Metro. In my opinion Metro, and the quirks that go with it – such as hiding active apps unless you are in classic desktop mode – threaten to seriously break the Windows desktop experience and user workflow.

Internet Explored Metro also works in fullscreen by default, meaning that I have no way to easily check the time without moving the mouse.

Also, mouse scrolling does not work for my Laptop Trackpad. Any Linux Distro I have used for the past five years have had this sorted. Windows STILL fails in this regard.

That’s It For Now

The 7Day Challenge starts in earnest Tomorrow, where I will spend my morning working in Win8 and with Microsoft applications. Wish me luck! The last time did not go well.

Time to go set up my e-mail and get putty to run before I go to bed.


Okay, so email setup has been simplified for users, and hence does not work. I cannot add the account of my pop3 mail provider. The mail app tries to connect to my mailserver via HTTPS, and there is no way to change this behaviour from the mail app. It thinks I want to connect to an exchange server (at least that is what the header to the app says) and I have not way of changing it.

Gonna be a looong week.

WAIT. I discovered that by moving the mouse cursor to the right of the screen additional options pop up, among which “settings”, indicated by a gear. Welp, I have the option of adding; Hotmail, Google or Exchange accounts. No pop3.

Oh the glory…

To add insult to injury, I tried to add a different type of account, and got tripped over by the slow mouse speed that has been a default of Windows since XP, and accidentally clicked “Exchange” again.

I cannot undo this, I have to enter details and try and set up an exchange connection! I can go to “settings” again and choose “Add an Account”, but the previous choice of Exchange remains over whatever I try and click. And there is no visible way to close the mail app and start over.

I am schtook. Clicking “cancel” does not cancel the attempt. I’ll write the cancel button not working off to a software bug (this is beta software after all) but the other design flaws (NO POP 3 EMAIL!?) is inexcusable. Also, the “mail” category is no longer in control panel (to which a shortcut is not visible in Metro, you have to type CONTROL and wait for the [very good] app search to find it for you before opening it) so I am well and truly stuck right now.


Googling the issue indicated that I am not the only one with this problem (no pop3 mail) because the Mail app does not support it. Hokay, suggestions are to install LIVE and use that mail client.

Off to installing live…

Ooh. Alt+F4 kills the email app. No Live Mail installer in Windows Update… back to google…

Not All Bad

I like the new task manager, once you figure out where to see the cpu graph (there is only one graph, even with multi core CPU’s), and the simplified interface is nice and clean.

At first glance the light background of the graphs remind strongly of Ubuntu task manager, even the color scheme is superficially similar.

Microsoft has been a bit heavy handed with the SIMPLIFY ALL THE THINGS approach. Some things can be left as is, thankyou very much.

Updates Done

I have installed some updates, apparently these include keyboard and mouse drivers, so have to reboot – at least that didn’t change over the years. Reboot for every update. *sigh*


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