So I installed Win8 last night in a bid to sus out the user experience of the new Metro interface.

Long story short I am back in Ubuntu at the moment, I haven’t given up, mind, but I needed something to work and could not get Windows to co-operate. I will write it off to me not being as familiar with the platform as with Ubuntu and try it again later.


I dislike Metro. It has a myriad of failings, and I can see users having problems with it.

Have a look at this screenshot of my metro, and tell me which programs (APPS!) are running:

Some of these programs (AAAPPPS!!!) are running, promise.

Are they running, aren't they?

It becomes problematic when you add to the lack of feedback of running programs with the lack of any other indication of where to find the ones that ARE in fact running. You wouldn’t say it by looking at the above screenshot, but if you drag your mouse to the left you will have a sidebar pop up where you can see and access any running apps, and the interesting thing is that the desktop is an app of its own. If you have explorer, IE, Task Manager open on the desktop you can only select the desktop placeholder and then those programs.

NOTE that alt+tab still works, and that SUPER+tab allows you to make this sidebar visible, and then you can cycle apps with your keyboard.

More screenies and comments later…


I am being serious. If you have the metro interface open in front of you and do not know what spacebar does do not press it. Why, may you ask? Well, pressing spacebar twice the top left app (or the one you have selected) will be unpinned from the Metro interface. You will have to hunt it down and re-pin it manually. Go on, try it.

I discovered this when I pressed spacebar twice by accident as I flopped down at my desk.

Much mirth was had as I watched app after app disappear from view. I can just imagine the amount of calls we are going to get i.e. “MY EMAIL IS GONE” or “INTERNET EXPLORER IS GONE”

More later…


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