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Day 2 was Friday 9 March, I am only putting it up this morning because Friday was a nightmare of a day.

Anyhow, I was able to work in Win8 all day without needing to switch over to Ubuntu or Win7. Since I was able to spend a whole day with Win8 I decided to list some stuff I like about it.


I talked about this earlier in the series. I like the new task manager. It has only one failing, and that is the first view when you open it. It is a cleaned up view of running apps, without any information about what percentages of system load they are responsible for.

If you click on the little button at the bottom of the simpler default view, you get to view all the information needed, and it is all nicely presented.

If Win8 adds a little percentage of sysload next to every running app this will be the best task manager in the business.

Have a look at the new graphs:

The cool new task manager on Win8

Pretty Task Manager

It is not too easily accessible though – have to either type “task manager” in metro, or go to desktop, and start it as per usual. You can add it directly to Metro as well, which makes it much easier to access.


If you are on desktop, and you click on the wireless network indicator you are presented with a metro-like interface for networking.

Have a look:

Pretty Wifi Interface.

Pretty Wifi Interface

It affords lots of space to view all the wifi access points in your area, and you can enter your passkeys and so on directly from here.


Win8 boots a little quicker than Win7, at least to my eye – I haven’t done a timed boot yet, but the real pleasant surprise is suspend/resume. The intelligence with which power is managed is streets ahead of Win7, and also better than Ubuntu 11.10 (I haven’t used 12.04 yet).

Suspend/Resume is quick, and solid.

What irks me is the lack of a shutdown option in the OS. Either it is not available, or I haven’t found it yet, but I would like to shut down from time to time, or reboot. Especially since the only way to kill running metro apps are with ALT+F4, there is no close button like with traditional Desktop Apps, and when one goes haywire a reboot might be a nice option.


Gone is the constant nagging of Win7. It is a bit TOO well managed now, I have to go hunt for updates to make sure I am actually up to date. Applause goes to Microsoft for removing this irritation.

Weather App

Another best of industry that Win8 features. OK this is not the OS itself, but an app provided as preview of Metro capabilities. It is awesome, and a real example of what can be done with app like ideas on a desktop.

It would work a lot better on a touch screen, but I find it a welcome addition to the OS.


You can dock an app to the left of right of your screen. I do this with the weather app, and sometimes the mail app, and it is a pleasant capability and allows you to enrich your working experience. I use it extensively while I am writing or working, and would like to be able this with more than one app. Docking the desktop app to the right or left of the screen shows you all of the windows you have open on the desktop. A nice feature.


Win8 is certainly not all bad, there are real issues with it, and I think that Ubuntu would trump it on the desktop simply from a user friendliness perspective. Metro is a train smash, if I was able to provide input to Microsoft re the design and implementation of Metro I would blatantly copy Ubuntu and make the desktop the default interface, and have metro pop up for interaction Dash style.

Day Three will be STUFF I DON’T LIKE.

Ubuntu got it right here, and Microsoft got it wrong.

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