Days Three and Four where on a Saturday and a Sunday, and since I really did not get a lot done on the laptop I decided to make them and today (Monday) to be my Day Three. This means that I would have some extra time on Win8 and provide a more fair assessment of how it is to use it.

Very busy today, so a quick note on a few things before I do a more complete write-up later this evening.

Hiding of Important Information

When using Metro, or any of the full-screen applications that Microsoft envisions you using, some very important information is hidden from view. Whenever I switch on or wake up my laptop, I have to move the mouse to the right of the screen to have the side-bar pop up, and with that the WiFi indicator, to see if I am connected to the correct WiFi access point, or connected at all.

This, and the date and time, is continually hidden from the user while they are using Windows 8, unless they are working on the desktop.

This is problematic. Imagine how many support calls IT professionals will receive “Is the internet down?” “No, are you connected to the Wireless Network?” “I don’t know” etc.

That is one of my pet peeves for today, more later.

Those Tiny Mouse Movements

If you have been using Win8 you are aware of this. The areas that activate the clickable areas for Metro, or the sidebars at left and right are extremely tiny. I have done an experiment where I went around to a bunch of people in the office, demonstrated to them where to find Metro and the sidebars in Win8, and asked them to repeat my demonstration.

Not one of them got it right first, or even third try. Some of them needed me to explain that you need to click EXACTLY in the bottom left corner to bring Metro to the front, otherwise the launcher would just disappear, and you would be stuck, like I still often am, with launching Internet Explorer.

This does not bode well for the all too clumsy end users who will inevitably be using Metro.

NO “Apps” Shortcut in Metro!

It sometimes pops up, usually when you search for a specific app, but in default Metro, there is no shortcut to all your apps. Your apps and programs and software and whatnot are completely hidden from view.

This is a huge shortcoming for Metro. Why not have an “All Apps” shortcut in Metro? It makes sense to ease the user’s ability to find their applications, why hide them from him/her?

Other omissions such as Control Panel and possibly even Devices and Printers are also black marks on the Metro experience.


Today was a short writeup, partly because I want to add to my dislikes here, instead of turning this series into a Metro Rant from beginning to end. What I will do tomorrow is answer a very important question – Is Win8 just more of the same shortcomings of Windows 7? Sure, they slapped a fancy new interface on it, but did anything really important change for the end user?


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