Last year when I did a week with Win7 and proprietary software, I noted that for the disk size and the cost, you don’t really get much with Windows. If you wanted more functionality, you needed to download Windows Live Essentials – which at the time was only available with certain kinds of Win7, such as Ultimate and Professional – or you would have to buy MS Office, which came in various flavors with differing functionality.

What is the situation like with Win8?

More Of The Same

I’m sorry, but the standard functionality of Windows 8 is horrible. Yes you get Metro, Yes you get a few pre-installed apps (at least with the Consumer Preview you do – I am not sure what the situation will be when it launches) but it is fluff at best.

As I mentioned previously the mail client is hamstrung by a lack of support for the most common email protocols. If this is not changed come release time the oversight is criminal.

For a 3.2GB download, and who knows how much money you will spend, you will get a computer, with an operating system, and a few apps.

Want to do real work? So sorry, you will have to fork out some more cash to be able to edit spreadsheets or have proper email functionality.

More Later. Today, I check what happens when you start working with printers…

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