Companies often put out video clips as part of creative marketing campaigns. This week I was handed a video clip as part of a sponsored editorial for SaGeek Blog, and I have to say, it is one of the best I have seen.

It is titled Fact Checkers Unit – The Franco Files, and features the Samsung Galaxy Note. Video and more information after the break.

The Fact Checkers Unit is a fun web series featuring two agents who are tasked with checking the facts behind headline entertainment news. Often this sends them on zany adventures, and this episode is no different.

The Swag cover mentioned in the webisode

Swag Cover featuring James Franco

This episode features a fun story line starring James Franco  (many of you will remember him playing James Dean in the movie about the actors life) on a fun romp trying to find out why he appeared pregnant on a cover of Swag Magazine.

The Pinapple Express star leads them on a chase through the city to try and confirm his pregnancy, but something more sinister may be afoot.

Being a series aimed at showcasing new products, this episode features the new Galaxy Note 5.3 with the Premium Suite installed. The Fact Checkers make heavy use of this new SmartPhone to help them with their case.

You can view all the episodes of Fact Checkers Unit on YouTube, as well as Hulu.

Check out the video:

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