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Don't Put Your Number On Facebook!

Really? And now an idiot gave your contact details to the world.

…and sommer post it on Facebook you idiot.

And better still, if I create a Facebook group, which is public, and the sidebar helpfully notes “PRIVACY TYPE: OPEN: ALL CONTENT IS PUBLIC”, why not post it there!

Yes! The world’s cold-calling-e-marketing-porno-sms-sending-that-costs-you-five-bucks-to-unsubscribe will LOVE you, and your stupidity.

Guess what I did this morning…

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Today started well.

When I woke up I had that familiar numbness behind the eyes that goes with pushing out a blog post in the early AM’s before diving into bed next to my less-than-impressed darling wife.

On the upside my 3year old son was cradled in my arms, snuggling in best he could, and my daughter lay stretched out next to Elzje. Yep, today started well.

Then I got to work…

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Win7 and IIS 7 == Nightmare


Hi. My name is Quintin and I am a sysadmin/IT manager. From time to time I am asked to help out with some of the work that spills over from the workload of our other technicians.

I am generally OK with that, usually the stuff that I am asked to handle are a bit more advanced that the usual fare, and tend to stretch me an I come out the other side more technically adept.

Once in a while though, I get faced with a problem that causes me to break into uncontrollable swearing. I then – generally under my breath – spew vitriol at the computer screen that would not be uttered in polite company, and sometimes even in not-so-polite company.

Today was such a day…

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I thought I’d regale you with a tale of three hours spent sorting out a client’s home network.

One of the techs was sick this week, so I inherited this callout. I have been to this client before, and his printing has been an issue before – more on that later on. continue reading…

It’s Sysadmin Day!

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Yup, the last Friday of every July is Sysadmin day.

To all the System Administrators out there – from the webmasters to the network technicians and even down to the techies fresh out of whatever-it-is-they-study-these-days-to-be-able-to-slot-a-hard-drive into a PC without screwing things up.

Happy Sysadmin Day

Now, go and put someones browsing history on the company file server. You owe yourself that.

Blogged with the Flock Browser

Yes it is true – IT Support can fix a lot of your issues remotely these days. Provided you have some sort of a connection to the internet we can get to your computer and fix most problems.

SOFTWARE related problems.

I had the joy of going to a client that is very far from us, three and  a half hours drive – in fact. Three hours if I pull our bakkie over my knee and spank it hard before getting in.

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I decided to make Monday Multimedia Day. Just for fun.

The first Multimedia Monday will feature my desk as it is on an average work day. Hectic, I can promise you that.

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Look, I am a patient guy. About as patient with non-geeks as a geek could be. So at the school where we installed the wireless network these past few weeks I generally enjoyed a pleasant rapport with the resident non-geeks.

Where I AM having problems though is with those who are better equipped than most to work with computers and networking, but who just don’t care to implement sensible practices or take responsibility for their property. In this case that would be the network we installed.

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Right, I haven’t blogged in a while.

Working at Interexcel has really taken up a lot of my time, and I made a point of not touching the Laptop after work during week nights to ensure that I spend time with the family.

To add to my time away from them I am in Mafeking fairly regularly these past few weeks, and I had the pleasure of spending two days with a colleague and buddy of mine.

While working on-site we hatched a scheme to spoof the office from the site. It needed to be creative, epic and deniable. After a bit of throwing ideas around we hit on the perfect scam.
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Right now I am fixing a friends WinXP box. The reason for me venturing back into Windowsland? A mysterious file called btkrnl.sys.

So I managed to boot into safe mode with command prompt, now I am doing a chkdsk.
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