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I got a laptop from work to use. A very pretty Sony Vaio VGN-FW45GJ, I decided to dual boot. I installed Windows7 and Ubuntu 11.10.

Installing Windows7 was a HUGE mistake, but it did allow me to discover what an absolute scam the Windows ecosystem is. And to make matters worse, I decided to write this post from my Windows7 boot while installing a load of Windows updates. In writing these short sentences, I have been interrupted by FOUR popups, one to reminde me to install IE9, one to inform me that some of the updates did not install and two from the two Driver Downloaders that I tried to get Windows working on this machine.

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The mobile device revolution is in full swing. From Smartphones and Superphones that changed the mobile device game to Tablets that are threatening to effectively put Netbooks out of business save for a few niche applications, our mobile world is changing. This is having an impact on less than mobile computing – your large Laptops and also your venerable Desktop Computer.

Are we moving toward the death of the computer and laptop as we know it today?
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Android is taking the world by storm. 300000 devices are being activated daily since December 2010, yet a tightly integrated ecosystem is sorely lacking in the Android arena. I believe strongly that Desktop Linux in general, and Canonical and Ubuntu in particular, are well placed to become key players in this ecosystem, and to become the Operating System partners of choice for the Android environment.

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Linux Mint Logo(Sorry Folks, No Video This Time)SaGeek Recommended

(Also note that I am heavily flu’d up and medicated when posting this, I tried my best to keep it typo, grammar, spelling, and general error free. Notify me of any snags and I’ll gladly correct…)

Linux Mint 10 Julia has been around for a while now, but I have not gotten around to reviewing it.

Now after using it for a while and getting to know it I decided to write up and post a review of this, arguably the best Linux Distro available.

For this review I am using the DVD edition of Linux Mint 10 Julia.

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Ubuntu has one irritating issue that has been a pain in my side for YEARS. When you set a system-wide proxy to let all your programs use a proxy on the network and set a DIFFERENT proxy, or select the “No Proxy” or “Default” option, the first system-wide proxy will persist.

One evening after a Lets Talk Geek podcast I complained about this along with Tim Haak. Stew Allen, another of the members from the podcast suggested we look at Privoxy as an option, setting one system proxy and then changing the forwarding rules as you move between proxies.

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Conky is  a great desktop information utility. Almost all Linux users have played with it at some time or another. Many build awe inspiring custom configurations for Conky that displays not only system information, but currently playing song, current weather and a plethora of other information using custom colors and images.

I have one problem with Conky and other desktop widgets – they are hidden behind your open programs. If you have followed my blog you will know that I have noted this many times before, arguing that notifications and widgets that are thus hidden are practically useless.

This weekend, while fooling around with bash I might just have stumbled upon a possible solution to my issue with notifications being hidden behind open windows. Say hello to ‘notify-send’…

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Using Unity – Day 7


(If you are jumping into this series a little late, have a read from the Introduction HERE.)

Day Seven.

I know it is late, apologies for that.

Here it is though, a partial Day Seven, and the finale to this series.

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Using Unity – Day 6


(If you have not followed this series from the introduction you may start reading it HERE.)

Day six.

Today I will tackle one of the areas where Unity irritates me a bit: Notifying me of actionable windows/programs.

Since I have already managed to custom skin my Unity, I will go that direction and see if I can customise the notification triangles a little to make them more visible. They tend to disappear a little when the Unity Launcher has a pattern to it, like is the case with my snakeskin launcher.

Also some other thoughts as the day continues…

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(The introduction to this series can be found HERE. Have a read.)

Okay, so today is Sunday, so I am not spending a lot of time on the laptop. I decided to test Unity with the SaGeek 25 Part test to see how it fares.

Let’s see how it did?

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(If you want, you may read from the introduction to this series HERE.)

This day is starting early. We are going to a family get together in a few hours (why is the end of the year always to crazy!?) and I want to get something readable for you guys who are following this series before I am Internetless for a few hours.

I have something interesting for you folks – a custom unity launcher…

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