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I like banking with FNB, yehp, my disclosure is that I am a happy FNB client. Now FNB has brought out another banking experience improving service – Facebook Banking.

Read the press release after the jump, and note that this service is available for FNB clients who have registered for Cellphone banking and are in South Africa.

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Some FNB App News.


I have two press releases that bounced into my inbox regarding the FNB app and mobile banking.

Among the things covered are the App now being available on BlackBerry devices, and this deal includes a sweetener in the form of no data charges while using the app.

See the releases below for all the info:

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DISCLAIMER – I am getting paid to write and place this advertorial, but I have full freedom on what to write. My kind of deal.

I have previously posted about the Google Global Science Fair, and to recap for those who have not read that article – the Google Global Science Fair is an opportunity for young scientists to showcase their skills and projects to a global audience. This project is an initiative by some of the folks at Google who are eager for youngsters to get their Science on.

How long will submissions still be open for?

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Google Global Science Fair 2011

What does Google, CERN, Scientific American, Lego and National Geographic have in common?

Science, apparently.

This year marks the first year that Google will be holding it’s annual Google Global Science Fair.

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I was in a bit of a conundrum with this press release offered to me by Cerebra. I am a FLOSS pundit, and here is a release announcement of Internet Explorer 9.

I decided to run the article in any case, partly because I like Cerebra – they seem like a fun bunch, and partly because IE is improving, albeit not as quickly as the other browsers are. It is still behind in some key areas.

Read on for the full press release, posted verbatim, and a poll at the end. OOH, it also includes the chance to win a holiday!

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A crowdsourced web. Doesn’t sound too new does it? How about a collaborative crowdsourced web? Is there a service that makes this possible?

Imagine a web service where you can collaborate with a whole social network always there to help you solve your problem. aims to provide a service such as this, and it is launching Monday 22 November.

Evly Banner
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Right. I skipped the mid-morning session, and now we are online again. WiFi has been a bit dodge the past hour.

This session is about YouTube. Called YouTube in Business, let’s dive into the talk… continue reading…

Hey, online at the morning session for day two.

Not much new to report since the introductory session is exactly the same as was the first session yesterday. It is good for me to hear this talk again, refreshes some of the points and brings home the challenges that face Africa regarding Internet penetration.

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Post lunch session.

After a quick lunchtime tweetup we are back!

Listening to a talk on the online trends…

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Right, got me some power (until I get chased off by the organisers) and 3G dongle… back to the conference.

I missed a chunk of this session getting the previous post out, so here is what is left of this one…

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