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SaGeek Mag – July 2010

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Finally it is here!

It is a day late (hey the first one was a day early so we are even, right?) and some stuff had to me left out due to space and time constraints.

If you are wondering about the lack of activity on the blog, blame it on FLU, SERVER DOWNTIME and CLIENT SHENANIGANS.

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Download the SaGeek Mag!The SaGeek Mag is available! Yes I said 16:00 London time, but I finished everything ahead of schedule by a few hours. What can you look forward to?

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Friday I posted a short piece on the future of SaGeek. Today one of those goals will be coming to fruition. The new SaGeek e-zine will be available for download from 16:00 London Time Monday 31 May. It will be the June edition, and the first of a provisional run of 6 Months. continue reading…