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Linux Mint Logo(Sorry Folks, No Video This Time)SaGeek Recommended

(Also note that I am heavily flu’d up and medicated when posting this, I tried my best to keep it typo, grammar, spelling, and general error free. Notify me of any snags and I’ll gladly correct…)

Linux Mint 10 Julia has been around for a while now, but I have not gotten around to reviewing it.

Now after using it for a while and getting to know it I decided to write up and post a review of this, arguably the best Linux Distro available.

For this review I am using the DVD edition of Linux Mint 10 Julia.

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SaGeek RecommendedThe Internet is a marvelous resource. You can learn about almost anything.  Today I am going to focus two interesting resources that are available for free, and gives you the opportunity to broaden your horizons.

Today, you can listen to talks by some of the brightest minds, some of the greatest achievers of our time talking about some of the most interesting subjects. You can also listen to any of a myriad of pod-casts or live chat shows that are available on the Internet to learn about a subject, or just hear someone more knowledgeable than you talk about something they know about.

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SaGeek RecommendedSocial Networking is the wave of now. You have Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, FriendConnect and to name but a few. They have become an important business tool, from connecting to your clients or as an increasingly important marketing tool. It only stands to reason that software developers out there will be making applications to use these networking tools. I will be looking at four of them.

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SnapBill - The Future of South African Commerce?This  Product is SaGeek RecommendedNear the end of 2009 I looked into starting a g33q store. I did marketing research, compiled a business plan, built an e-store (still living on one of my pc’s at home) and got everything ready to start a small online business. Then I got to the how of actually selling my stuff and things ground to a halt.

Depressingly so.

You see, to have an online business you need to be able to accept payments, and this is where I ran into difficulties. Now a new billing system is giving me ideas of trying again. Read more for my take on SnapBill, the most exciting thing to happen to e-commerce in South Africa in recent years.

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UbuntuRecommended by SaGeekOkay, so the new Ubuntu Lucid Lynx is out today. Well almost. Users have been able to upgrade their systems to the latest version from early on, but the Ubuntu home page still does not advertise the download as ready. Desperate to try out the new release I upgraded my system as well. I will review a new install when I have downloaded an ISO and given it a spin.

Note that this review also introduces my new rating system. It is still early days though, so your opinions are welcomed to help me refine my ratings.

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