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Ubuntu LogoMaverick Meerkat is around the corner. Ubuntu 10.10 – the ten out of then release – of which rumors circulate that it will be released on the 10th of October (to complete a 10/10/10 release date) is almost here.

Today we take a look at it, and note some interesting things, among them a new installer…

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And that of course includes me.

Recently my blog attracted a lot of attention from readers who are more critical of FLOSS, and Linux in particular, than my regular readership. Naturally a long discussion erupted where critiques and defenses of various positions and opinions and how stuff works where flung to and fro.

Then today I realized something, and it was an uncomfortable realization… continue reading…

A commenter (Kerberos) gave me a link regarding a FLOSS evangelist having trouble to connect to a CUPS printer in Linux. That link was from 2004, and he claimed that it was still relevant.

Naturally I wanted to see what he was on about, and decided to connect to a CUPS printer already set up here at the office.

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Ubuntu LogoThe world has gone officially netbook crazy. Netbook sales are skyrocketing, increasing quarter on quarter. It is no surprise then that Ubuntu offers a Netbook variant of it’s operating system. In fact, many Netbook oriented Linux flavors exist. You may be surprised that I do not consider Ubuntu Netbook Remix the best of the bunch – for my money that crown belongs to Easy Peasy – which will be reviewed next month.

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Using Gnome Shell – Day 7


(This is the final installment of the “Using Gnome Shell” Series, Day One can be found HERE, and the post that started the whole series can be found HERE.)

Fathers Day, and the end of my Gnome-Shell series. I still find it surreal to log into a session running Gnome-Shell and see a desktop devoid of familiar features. Gnome-Shell is the new direction Gnome is going for release 3, and Ubuntu seems set on following suit.

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Using Gnome-Shell – Day 1


Okay, day one, I have a feeling of trepidation – using a beta product for doing real work is risky. I realize I do this at my own risk, and SAVE OFTEN.

This entry will be updated as the day goes on, here are my immediate impressions of using Gnome-Shell in the real world, doing real work. continue reading…

Ubuntu LogoWe all know that Gnome 3 will introduce a new interface. Currently that interface is dubbed gnome-shell, and you can install and run it in Ubuntu right now, if you want. I’ll tell you how later in the week. Right now let us explore some of the minor and major issues that I have picked up with Gnome-Shell, just as a kick off to me running it for a week and seeing how I like it.

Also Screenshots. Yep Gnome-Shell Screenshots.

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Printer1Right, so I am busily grafting away on my comparative test, taking into account the suggestions you guys made with regards to the tests I used, the scoring method and also some extra tests that I could use to even out the tests and give a much more realistic comparison.

Boy did I not expect these kind of problems!

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Today I visited my Dad, and remembered that he had a Samsung printer that I helped him install about a month ago. I took along my laptop to see if it would work in Ubuntu via USB.

Since he has no Internet access I was full expecting failure since I would not be able to download or install any drivers if they were needed.

I must admit that what happened surprised me a little.

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(UPDATE: We have some impressions and screenshots of the BETA of Ubuntu 10.10. Maverick Meerkat HERE.)

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Alpha 1 is here! Well, since yesterday at least. It took me a full 30 hours to download the 32bit ISO *glares at router* but finally I have the chance to fire it up in a VM to get a sneek peak at what we can expect.

I am sure the people working on this release are painfully aware of the implications of a release number of 10.10, no failures will be tolerated in what has already been dubbed the 10/10 (ten out of ten) release.

What is it like then?

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