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Having decided to let the blog die a slow death I haven’t posted in a long time.

A recent email from Afrihost regarding their being bought out by MTN has lured me out of writers hibernation.

Dear Afrihost, I am cancelling my Internet subscription with you, and as per my agreement with you I will keep to the months notice. After writing this I will be calling your call center to formalize my cancellation, I will be looking for another ISP right now.

I am saddened by this, I really enjoy your services and your pricing. There is a reason why you have been voted the no1 ISP in South Africa so many times by MyBroadband readers.

I really believe in what you are doing, or rather I believed, until now.

I cannot support you when you are partnering with MTN. I am sure you are aware of MTN’s tenuous international human rights record. News reports of MTN allowing the government of Iran to spy on their citizens, or the government of Syria to switch off coverage in cities under government attack are rife.

Yes MTN has forced Nazir Patel to resign amid a bribery scandal, but the use of technology by Irancell (which is 49% owned by MTN) to locate protestors is where the real worry lies.

MTN has denied these allegations, but there has been smoke around these stories as recently as yesterday about MTN being involved in a spying allegation. The latest involves the US and Afghanistan.

More on that here.

So, in summation, I will be cancelling my Afrihost service because I cannot condone what your new owners have done. I would hope that you would reconsider, but that is a faint hope at best.

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Are you a secret agent in the making? Do you have what it takes to assist James Bond on his latest adventure?

Heineken has launched an exciting new competition to coincide with the launch of the new James Bond film, SKYFALL. Help James Bond evade capture and enter a world of intrigue and mystery as a secret agent tasked with opening a suitcase full of top secret documentation.

Meet Sévérine (Berenice Marlohe) in a passenger compartment on a speeding train where you will find clues to crack the password that will grant her access to the secret documentation that includes a profile on YOU, the newest member of their team of secret agents.

Once you have cracked the password you will be rewarded with a personalised SKYFALL trailer that you can show off to your Facebook Friends.

The interactive nature of this video gives you the option of uploading a profile picture, or to continue with a secret identity. This is a fun way to immerse yourself in the 007 universe, and allows you some bragging rights when you next share a Heineken with your friends.

SKYFALL is set to release in South Africa on 30 November 2012, so hurry and crack the case!

Hey Everyone.

I am going to try and cram as much info into this post as I am live blogging from the Google Engage event in Bryanston today.

You can also follow my Twitter Updates HERE and the Google Plus stream HERE.

Right, it seems that they are ready to go, let’s dive in. (Excuse any typo’s, I am live blogging as the presentations happen.)

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