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The mobile device revolution is in full swing. From Smartphones and Superphones that changed the mobile device game to Tablets that are threatening to effectively put Netbooks out of business save for a few niche applications, our mobile world is changing. This is having an impact on less than mobile computing – your large Laptops and also your venerable Desktop Computer.

Are we moving toward the death of the computer and laptop as we know it today?
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DISCLAIMER – I am getting paid to write and place this advertorial, but I have full freedom on what to write. My kind of deal.

I have previously posted about the Google Global Science Fair, and to recap for those who have not read that article – the Google Global Science Fair is an opportunity for young scientists to showcase their skills and projects to a global audience. This project is an initiative by some of the folks at Google who are eager for youngsters to get their Science on.

How long will submissions still be open for?

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Android is taking the world by storm. 300000 devices are being activated daily since December 2010, yet a tightly integrated ecosystem is sorely lacking in the Android arena. I believe strongly that Desktop Linux in general, and Canonical and Ubuntu in particular, are well placed to become key players in this ecosystem, and to become the Operating System partners of choice for the Android environment.

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  • New Blog Post. Bad manager types. Are you one of these, or do you work for one? #

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Over fourteen years of working for and with various managers and teams I have witnessed many negative manager archetypes, people who are effective leaders often in spite of themselves.

As many managers as I have worked with, so many management styles manifested themselves. This post wil focus on some of the negatives that have directly influenced myself and my co-workers during the course of the past fourteen years.

I will not cite specific examples, since I consider many of those who have provided examples by their failures to be my friends, and in some cases some of my colleagues might get into trouble for airing their grievances to me.

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  • Having fun with my new Galaxy Tab. #

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Don't Put Your Number On Facebook!

Really? And now an idiot gave your contact details to the world.

…and sommer post it on Facebook you idiot.

And better still, if I create a Facebook group, which is public, and the sidebar helpfully notes “PRIVACY TYPE: OPEN: ALL CONTENT IS PUBLIC”, why not post it there!

Yes! The world’s cold-calling-e-marketing-porno-sms-sending-that-costs-you-five-bucks-to-unsubscribe will LOVE you, and your stupidity.

Guess what I did this morning…

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Weekly Updates for 2011-01-28

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Learn To Breast Feed Your Blog


Chadwin SolomonGuest author Chadwin Solomon brings us this entry about getting a blog started. I think it is a pretty good read. More info on Chadwin in the Author Widget to the right, and more reading of his work over at and

So you’ve decided to come over to the wild side and by wild side i mean blogging. Well to be honest blogging ain’t that wild unless you are Seth Rotherham.

I find that most newbie bloggers are tempted to just setup a WordPress blog, choose a theme and start writing blog posts in the hope that millions will visit. Not to put you off blogging, if you genuinely talented and hardworking you could achieve millions of hits, but there are certain crucial things you should do to prepare for the visitors.
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Linux Mint Logo(Sorry Folks, No Video This Time)SaGeek Recommended

(Also note that I am heavily flu’d up and medicated when posting this, I tried my best to keep it typo, grammar, spelling, and general error free. Notify me of any snags and I’ll gladly correct…)

Linux Mint 10 Julia has been around for a while now, but I have not gotten around to reviewing it.

Now after using it for a while and getting to know it I decided to write up and post a review of this, arguably the best Linux Distro available.

For this review I am using the DVD edition of Linux Mint 10 Julia.

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