SaGeek  InterviewsPeople that are active in IT have opinions. Good Opinions. Accurate Opinions. They have views on everything from the field they are working in, down to the kind of cellphone they prefer to use or not use. Real life IT professionals do not mind sharing their opinions, but sadly they rarely get to voice them in the public forum

SaGeek is tired of interviews with the latest pop tartlet gushing how her “…new iPhone 3G is making her busy social life more manageable…” or how “…Facebook and Twitter gives me a real opporunity to connect with my fanbase…”

Real IT people have opinions on the iPhone, it might just be a little… unexpected.

SaGeek is interviewing some of the brightest people in IT, real people who use the technology in our world for serious business. Want an accurate opinion on something from someone in the industry? Read what these people have to say.

(Okay, okay… pedants that my readers are they will point out that Jaco is my sole interview that is listed on this page. I KNOW THAT. I am working on it, okay?)

Busily hacking away...Jaco Kroon

Jaco was the perfect candidate for my first interview. He fit the criteria above, and then some.

Currently he is the MD of Ultimate Linux Solutions, a Linux Specialist and VOIP solutions provider.

He has some strong opinions on the state of broadband in South Africa, and why he decided to roll his own VOIP solution.

Read the full interview here.

Karl FischerKarl Fischer

Karl Fischer is one of the coolest people I know. He is a father to twins, and pours his love into them. Importantly to us geeks he is the Open Source Project Manager for the South African Government Department of Science and Technology.

Suffice to say that he is FLOSS’s “man on the inside” and he faces challenges promoting floss that we only deam of.

Read a very interesting interview HERE.

Bridgette SextonBridgette Sexton

Interviewing Bridgette was great fun – She is intelligent, charming and well spoken.

She embodies all the good things one hears about Google and the people who work there, and our lunch with Bridgette turned out less interview and more chatting about the possibilities and opportunities that await those with some entrepreneurial spirit in Africa right now.

Read the interview HERE.

Aidan BaigrieAidan Baigrie

I interviewed Aidan in October, but decided to hold over publishing it until the hype over the g|South Africa conference had died down somewhat. Aidan has to qualify for one of the nicest guys in Corporate IT, and if you take his word for it working for SEACOM is great.

READ THE INTERVIEW for a lot of interesting tidbits, including a blow-by-blow of splicing a major international fibre cable.