RECOMMENDED!Everyone has a nickname or two online. I go by the Twitter handle of QuintinZA, and whenever I sign up or participate on forums that have an IT flavor or IRC I am known as SaGeek. This page lists the products that SaGeek would recommend if you asked him on a forum, or if you bumped into him in an IRC channel.

I will populate this page with products that I have reviewed and believe personally to be good enough to recommend.


SnapBill - The Future of South African Commerce? The SnapBill Online Billing System has the unique privilege of being the first SaGeek Recommended Product. If you want a tool that can handle ALL your billing requirements you can take it from me – SnapBill comes close to being the perfect solution. Don’t believe me? Read My Review and then click on the SnapBill logo to visit the site to try it out for yourself. Go On, it is free.

UbuntuUbuntu Linux is a complete free, open-source Operating System. I use it as my daily work OS, Ubuntu is on my home computer that my wife and kids use and my mother uses Ubuntu on her computer. It is desktop ready regardless of what Windows apologists want to tell you. You can download it from the Ubuntu Home Page, and install it on almost any computer. In fact, Ubuntu will run on a wider range of computers than WindowsXP, Vista or Windows 7. Read My Review of the latest version and then give it a try!

Yoono Browser Addon

Yoono Browser Addon for FireFox gets the nod. It is an awesome application that sits at the right of your browser in its own sidebar. You can do EVERYTHING imaginable straight from your browser as far as your social networks go. You don’t need anything else to manage your social networks than Yoono. While the desktop app for Yoono still requires some work, the browser addon takes first prize.

TED - Ideas Worth SpreadingTEDIdeas Worth Spreading. Indeed. A great resource for anyone wanting to expand their horizons, or challenge their way of thinking. TED started in the 1980’s and allowed people who were knowledgeable in their fields introduce their ideas to the world. Today TED is a great online resource, featuring talks by such celebrated individuals as Jane Goodal, Bill Gates and even the Apple guy… erm Steve Jobs I think… Read why I recommend them here.

Linux Mint Isadora (Linux Mint 9) has recently been released. I reviewed it for the first edition of The SaGeek MAG, and it ended up with an overallQ-Rating of 4/5! That is the highest score I gave any Operating System so far. It is really the perfect home user OS, and can be dressed in a business suite if need be. I still prefer Ubuntu for my everyday work, but for the user new to Linux, Mint is the perfect OS. Polish, Stability and feature filled. DOWNLOAD THE MAG to read the full review!

Mandriva LogoMandriva 2010 Spring Gnome Edition

What can I say? I review a lot of Linux distros and they are getting better by the release. Mandriva is one of the best out there, and the Gnome edition is the best Distro tested by SaGeek to date. It is a fully fledged Linux distribution and scored a four out of five in our revied. Read the review for more!