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(I just re read this and my writing is horrible in this article. I will edit it later – it was bedtime when I finished it, but real work calls now and editing will have to wait.)

A (long) while ago I opined that Ubuntu needs some serious Android integration into the OS in order to forge a market niche for itself as a complete computing package.

Well, after some digging and troubleshooting I discovered that a lot of what I mentioned in that post is already available and possible if you are an Ubuntu (and in most cases Any Linux) user.

Below I have listed seven Apps that will make your computing experience so much better if you have an Android Phone. They are divided into Five Categories. And they are all FREE.

So without further delay, 7 Killer Android Apps Every Ubuntu User Should Have:

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Android is taking the world by storm. 300000 devices are being activated daily since December 2010, yet a tightly integrated ecosystem is sorely lacking in the Android arena. I believe strongly that Desktop Linux in general, and Canonical and Ubuntu in particular, are well placed to become key players in this ecosystem, and to become the Operating System partners of choice for the Android environment.

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Money!People assign intrinsic value to money. Be it cash, what is in your account, or credits in an e-store. Cash  allows you to buy stuff. You could buy a car, it would be your car. You could buy a radio, and it would be YOUR Panasonic monster 3000watt PMPO sitting on your desk just waiting to freak out your neighbors.

With the advent of online stores you can buy applications with your cash, credit or whatnot. You can buy an iPhone app from the app store and have it downloaded onto your iPhone, or iPad for that matter. And it would be YOUR app.

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