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Stop RisaIronic that I am interviewing a young musician for SaGeek MAG this month. This week broke the story that RISA asserts it is illegal to convert a CD you bought to MP3 for playing in your mp3 player. Unfortunately a law penned in 1978 supports their assertion.

Working on my opinion piece for the MAG, I decided to check out their website, below are a few thoughts on one or two or more of their points re piracy.

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The scene is early 1942. In the distance air-raid sirens can be heard wailing, the dull thud of explosions far away still rattle the windows of the tiny office. It is desperate times for Britain. Three men sit around the table, hunched over blueprints for a new supercharger, destined to be fitted to the Supermarine Spitfire. They seem to be anxiously waiting for something.

Suddenly a fourth man comes barreling through the door, slip of paper in his hand. He looks distraught.

“Well spill it man!” exclaims one of the fellows at the desk.

The newcomer swallows, then clears his throat. “The… the yanks… we can’t do it.”

One of the men by the desk throws his hands in the air and glares out the window.

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