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Using Gnome Shell – Day 7


(This is the final installment of the “Using Gnome Shell” Series, Day One can be found HERE, and the post that started the whole series can be found HERE.)

Fathers Day, and the end of my Gnome-Shell series. I still find it surreal to log into a session running Gnome-Shell and see a desktop devoid of familiar features. Gnome-Shell is the new direction Gnome is going for release 3, and Ubuntu seems set on following suit.

Will this be a smart move? continue reading…

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Hey. Being a Saturday I spent some time with my sister in law and her fiancée who visited with us. I knew I was not going to spend a lot of time with Gnome-Shell doing work so I decided to bring you: THE CHEAT SHEET.

Now far be it for me to take credit for this, it is available on, but I will highlight you with my favorite shortcuts, as well as some informed commentary. continue reading…

Using Gnome Shell – Day 5


If you haven’t done so already, read this series from the FIRST INSTALLMENT, HERE.

I discovered something really neat, Gnome-Shell lets you record .ogg video of your desktop!

Yeah, via SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+R you can record your desktop and share the video for all to see.

Guess what I just did… continue reading…

Using Gnome Shell – Day 4


(Remember, this series started with an overall impression: BEGIN HERE)

Today Gnome-Shell died on me once, and corrupted a document that I saved another time. No fear though, it has been surprisingly stable for a pre-release product, and I knew what I was getting myself into.

This is going to be a short writeup though. continue reading…

(If you haven’t been following this series from the first installment: BEGIN HERE)

(The first day of the seven day series STARTS HERE)

Day Three.

Today is a National Holiday in South Africa, hence I did not use the laptop much, and my work with Gnome-Shell was again minimal.

I did have some time to figure out some features of it, lets check out one or two… continue reading…

Day two of using Gnome-Shell was short lived. Early during the day we started having major problems with our servers and I needed to keep an eye on two of them via SSH plus remote desktop to a third via SSH tunnel through a firewall. Gnome-Shell really wasn’t conducive to working quickly and efficiently, and I switched back to Gnome2 to get my work done.

As always, be sure you start reading this seven day series from DAY 1, Click Here.

I decided to do a twenty step comparison for Gnome-Shell instead. continue reading…

Using Gnome-Shell – Day 1


Okay, day one, I have a feeling of trepidation – using a beta product for doing real work is risky. I realize I do this at my own risk, and SAVE OFTEN.

This entry will be updated as the day goes on, here are my immediate impressions of using Gnome-Shell in the real world, doing real work. continue reading…

Ubuntu LogoWe all know that Gnome 3 will introduce a new interface. Currently that interface is dubbed gnome-shell, and you can install and run it in Ubuntu right now, if you want. I’ll tell you how later in the week. Right now let us explore some of the minor and major issues that I have picked up with Gnome-Shell, just as a kick off to me running it for a week and seeing how I like it.

Also Screenshots. Yep Gnome-Shell Screenshots.

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