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I am sure you know, but in case you didn’t – one of the most exciting and long lived desktop Linux distros has rolled out a new release.

Yes, Mandriva 2010 Spring is out – and I love it.Mandriva Is Recommended

This week Mandriva will feature three times – Two reviews; Gnome and KDE edition, and then I will be using Mandriva 2010 Spring KDE edition for another “7 Days Challenge Series.”

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Ubuntu LogoWe all know that Gnome 3 will introduce a new interface. Currently that interface is dubbed gnome-shell, and you can install and run it in Ubuntu right now, if you want. I’ll tell you how later in the week. Right now let us explore some of the minor and major issues that I have picked up with Gnome-Shell, just as a kick off to me running it for a week and seeing how I like it.

Also Screenshots. Yep Gnome-Shell Screenshots.

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The geek in me wants to try new stuff, and learn how they work. The geek in me also strives to be different than the mainstream. That is why I use Linux Software and is one of the reasons I run LinuxMint instead of Ubuntu Linux – everybody knows about Ubuntu, and it has lost a bit of its street-cred modifier.

Now Linux is becoming mainstream – people see you running something different and they ask “Hey! Is that Linux?”

Time for something different.

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