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Akamai has released their quarterly Internet Analysis Document, named “State of the Internet.” It is a 32 page document that goes in depth into the, well… state of the internet today.

I am going to explore some of the points that stood out for me. continue reading…

SaGeek RecommendedThe Internet is a marvelous resource. You can learn about almost anything.  Today I am going to focus two interesting resources that are available for free, and gives you the opportunity to broaden your horizons.

Today, you can listen to talks by some of the brightest minds, some of the greatest achievers of our time talking about some of the most interesting subjects. You can also listen to any of a myriad of pod-casts or live chat shows that are available on the Internet to learn about a subject, or just hear someone more knowledgeable than you talk about something they know about.

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